Gcore Hit 3000 Disposable Review

The Gcore Hit 3000 is a new, slim, compactly designed ultraportable disposable vaping device. Markedly, it is a single use closed pod, mouth to lung vaporizer. This model comes with a prefilled pod, holding 9 ml of salt nic/e-juice. This disposable device comes with an integrated 1200 mAh battery. It is capable of producing 3000 puffs approximately and could last for 16 to 20 days, depending upon use. It is available in more than a dozen nicotine salt flavors.

Gcore Hit 3000 Disposable - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Inside the Box

It comes in a beautiful simple packaging that does have specific color and mark of the flavor it contains. After opening the package, you will find that it is properly sealed in its own plastic wrapper. It does come with the rubber stoppers on both the mouthpiece and the airflow situated at the bottom.

Why choose disposable vapes?

Disposable vaporizers are a new development within vaping, one that is setting the entire industry ablaze. It is a brand new aspect to vaping, which is introducing a whole host of previous skeptics to vaping due to its ease of use, simplicity and convenience. Disposable vapes are really great way for you to dip your toe into the pool of vaping without taking that plunge on an expensive care and a bunch of juice and some coils without even really knowing if this is absolutely going to be the thing for you. But with the disposable you can take it, open it up, take off the rubber ends, give it a puff and you can know right away whether vaping is something that you wish to proceed with.

Smooth Puffs with 20 mg/ml Nicotine Strength

The Gcore Hit 3000 is loaded with around 20 milligrams strength of nicotine. This is something you are going to find a fairly universal thing when buying a disposable vape. The Gcore Hit 3000 units are all loaded with nic salts. So that you can get that lovely high strength, soft irritation style vape that isn’t going to cause you any kind of problems on the chest. It’s not going to lead you to coughing. Moreover, it’s just going to be smooth puffs all day.

Gcore 1800 vs Gcore Hit 3000

The Gcore disposable 1800 puffs vape is a bit slim and short as compared to the Gcore Hit 3000 which comes with 1200 mAh battery. The Gcore 1800 comes with 1050 mAh battery. It holds 6.2 ml of salt nic and is capable of producing approximately 1800 puffs. The number of puffs in Gcore depends upon the quantity of liquid it holds and the battery size it comes with. This device with 1200 mAh battery comes with 9ml juice pod and is rated for roughly about 3000 hits, which is by far one of the highest hitting devices. There are some other devices that are in that same neighborhood and there might be some with a little bit higher ratio but the Gcore Hit 3000 holds a leading position among them all.

Mesh Coil, Pre-Charged Battery and Pre-Filled Pod

The Gcore Hit 3000 comes with a mesh coil to bring out the richest flavor possible. The mesh coil enhances strong and smooth vapor production.  It holds a pre-filled pod and pre-charged 1200 mAh battery. The pod contains Bold 50 salt nic. 9 ml pod’s liquid capacity and a pre-charged powerful battery, capable of producing 3000 puffs is something which makes it the best option available for first-time vapers.

Draw Activated Hassle-Free Vaping with Gcore Hit 3000

This device works on draw activation principle i-e it does not have any button to turn it on but it starts working the moment you pull a draw. The Gcore Hit 3000 offers the convenience of hassle-free vaping without charging, changing the coil or filling the pod. There is no mess or stress while vaping this device.

Pocket Friendly Disposable Device

It is simple to use, featuring no button at all, simply just draw activated and fits well in your pockets. Though it is a disposable machine but the slim design, 1200mAh internal battery and being rated for 3000 puffs with the flavor being a solid as it is and with a nice smooth vapor, it definitely stands in the upper category of salt nic vaporizers. Try this out if you are a disposables user as it will not disappoint you.

Gcore Hit 3000 Disposable - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Gcore Hit 3000 Falvors

Gcore Hit 3000 comes in 18 different flavors. Some of the famous flavors are; Strawberry Cotton Candy, Peach Ice, Dr. Pepper, Ice Tea Lemonade, Blue Razz Lemon, 7-up, Quad Berries, Pineapple Peach, Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi, Orange Peach, Green Apple Grape, C. Crush, Iced Lemon and Tobacco.