G Pen Dash Vaporizer Review

The G Pen Dash is an ultra-portable tiny budget friendly device. It is a dry herb vaporizer by G Pen, Grenco science. The G Pen Dash vaporizer is a very small and sleek device. It hides away almost entirely in the hand. If you are looking for an entry level budget device, the G Pen Dash is a pretty smart choice.

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Inside the Box

It comes in a nice tin looking box. The box contains the G Pen Dash itself, a micro USB charging cable and a little stirring tool. The tool comes on a keychain, that kind of looks like a G Pen Elite. It has got the little logo on it. It is super useful because you can stir, pack or empty the bowl with it. First thing you will notice when you open the box is the instruction manual. Be sure to go over the instruction manual. It gives you all the information you need to know on how to use your device in a very efficient way. It also has a little diagram of the device and all the pieces.

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Turning the Device On

It is highly recommended to fully charge device before your first use. Remove the magnetic mouthpiece and load your dry herb into the chamber. To turn the device On, press the power button five times. The number of lights will tell you how much battery is left i-e one being the lowest and three being the highest. The G Pen Dash is made for herb only, no concentrates, no tobacco, just for herb.

How to Use the G Pen Dash Vaporizer?

The Dash is super straightforward to use, just take off the magnetic mouthpiece, put your dry herb into the chamber, close it back on up, tap it 5 times and you are good to go. The Dash is a pretty solid device in this price point. There are a lot of things to like, such as the haptic feedback, pass-through charging, that stainless steel chamber and the magnetic ergonomic mouthpiece as well as that 20 second heat up time. It has a lot of features that you would expect to find in a more premium device. On higher settings the vapor might get a little bit harsh.

Three Temperature Settings

Press the power button three times to switch between temperatures. The dash has three temperature settings indicated by the LEDs on the front of the device. Blue is the lowest at 375 degrees Fahrenheit or 190 degrees Celsius, green is the middle temperature at 401 degrees Fahrenheit or 205 degrees Celsius and red is the highest temperature 428 degrees Fahrenheit which is 220 degrees Celsius. The device will automatically heat up and will vibrate when it reaches temperature.

Temperature, Flavor and Clouds Ratio

These temperatures cover a pretty solid range. Just like any other device, the lower the temperature the better the flavor the less clouds. The higher you go the vapor tends to be a little harsher but you will get slightly more clouds though. The vapor quality of the G Pen Dash is pretty good for what it is. Let’s be clear this is a budget device.

Short Vapor Path

The vapor path is really short as you can probably imagine because of its sleek design and super portability, so it does come out a little bit harder especially on higher temperatures. The glass glazed stainless steel chamber is pretty solid. Both of the bottom two temperatures are generally not harsh for many users, but some may find it a bit hard at high temperatures, depending upon throat sensitivity.

20 seconds Heating Time

The glass glaze on the heating chamber definitely raises up the quality from your traditional stainless chamber. The Dash heats up in about 20 seconds, which is pretty impressive.

Better Airflow Ports and Auto Shut-off

There are also airflow ports on both sides so the hits are reasonably free-flowing. The Dash has a built in session timer of five minutes. So it will turn itself off after five minutes of inactivity.

Ergonomically Designed Superior Quality Device

The G Pen Dash is a good little piece of technology. It comes in really short size. It is less than 4 inches tall. It is ergonomically designed with a magnetic mouthpiece that pulls off really easily and it’s pretty discreet. It looks more like an e-cigarette than a dry herb vape. There are decent amount of features packed into this device. It has got haptic feedback, 20 seconds heat-up time and pass-through charging which is great, which means while it’s plugged in charging you can still keep using it. The shell is made of aluminum alloy and it’s pretty sturdy and it can easily stand up to a couple of drops.

Battery and Charging

The G Pen Dash has a 950 mAh Lithium battery that should last you about 8 to 10 sessions or 35 minutes, before needing a recharge. Some might not find it great but it definitely gets the job done, and again that pass-through charging will help mitigate that. The LED lights on the front of the device indicate where your battery’s at. Three lights indicate 80 to 100%, two lights mean 60 to 66% and one light means anything under 33%. For heavy users, in order to compensate for 950 mAh battery, just take a portable power bank with you and that pass-through charging should offset that.

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