Aspire Minican 2 Open Pod Kit Review

Aspire Minican 2 is a new pod system from aspire. It is the newest edition to the Minican series, crafted from durable zinc alloy, offering the same light-weight form factor as seen in previous models such as the Minican and Minican Plus and available in various vibrant colors to choose from. Overall, Minican 2 from aspire is a very simple and straightforward sort of device. It’s a very clean, stylish and simple looking device.

Aspire Minican 2 Open Pod Kit - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Inside the box

The Minican 2 from Aspire comes in a small and simple box and it does not have a lot in it. The package includes a user manual to get you started. Moreover, it provides all the information you need. It also comes with a USB cable for charging the device whenever needed. The device itself is quite simple and portable. You do not get any spare pods or spare coils or anything like that. This kit boasts a streamlined and simplified design.

Pretty much Traditional Pod Kit

This device is pretty much your traditional pod system, no fire button, no screen, no adjustment or anything. Simply you inhale and that’s it, that’s all you need to do. Charging is down there at the bottom. There is a little light that will light up when you are using it and also when you are charging the device. It does have a nice branding of Minican 2 just above the light and its very unobtrusive, it’s findable but it doesn’t scream at you, very well done.

Straight-forward Leak Proof Pod System

It has a very simple pod system, just pull out the pod and if you glance down on the inside, you can see very dry even after use. It really doesn’t leak that much. The pod itself is refreshingly straightforward. Like many other pods, it boasts a bottom-filling design. First, pull out the gasket or rubber lid. Then, fill the e-liquid through the small hole at the bottom. Once finished, let the coil sit for 10-15 minutes to ensure it’s fully saturated before vaping. Just pop it in and, inhale and vape, there is not much else about this device.

Cross-Pod Compatibility

Aspire Minican 2 offers cross-pod compatibility with the previous models providing multiple ways to enjoy one’s vaping experience.

Aspire Minican 2 Open Pod Kit - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Aspire Minican 2 Draw Activated Mechanism – Button-less Operation

Simple to use, this vape features draw activation and eliminates the need for buttons, screens, or any complicated settings. All you going to do is just fill it up and vape on it and that’s pretty much it. That’s all you need to worry about. It does not require a lot of work and stress; it is very easy to get your head around.

It is highly recommended for someone who is looking at just transitioning, they wanted something to start off with but they were not sure. This is the perfect device for those because it is very expensive, it is very easy to understand, it is very simple to fill and get up and running. There is nothing to worry about in terms of building coils, installing coils, worrying about modes or wattage. It is the simplest device on the market and given that it is incredibly inexpensive. The device is fairly well built; it is plastic but it is a nice solid durable plastic.

3ml Pod Capacity & One Ohm Coil

The 3 ml capacity which is more than enough given it’s a one Ohm coil and it is of course just straight bypass so again nothing to worry about with settings and adjustments. All you are going to do as said, just fill it and vape.

Aspire Minican 2 Open Pod Kit - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Draw Quality of Aspire Minican 2

The draw on this device could be characterized as not being a true mouth to lung but leaning in that direction, somewhere between a true mouth to lung and a restricted draw that’s where this lies. Some may find it a little bit looser than some previous devices but this would actually suit a wider range of people because of that. There are those out there that want it tight and there are those that want a little bit more airiness in their draw, this sits right in the middle. So it won’t satisfy everyone forever but to get you up and going to get you started or to get you through the day, this may be just the perfect thing.

Treat It like a Disposable Device

Treat it almost like a disposable device due to its low cost, but without all that sort of waste. You would really like this device. And like already mentioned, because it is so inexpensive you could pick up a handful. You could have different colors for different flavors.

Various Colors of Aspire Minican 2

It does come in a range of six different colors such as Pink, Pearl, Lavender, Amber, Lime Green and Sky blue.

Aspire Minican 2 Open Pod Kit - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Battery and Charging in Aspire Minican 2

This device utilizes a built-in 400 mAh rechargeable battery and it takes around 30 to 40 minutes to fully charge.

Battery and Charging
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