Voopoo Drag X Mod Pod Kit Review

Voopoo Drag X Mod Pod is an upgraded version of the Drag series by Voopoo. Over the last year and a half Voopoo have had a lot of success in the pod mod market with the Vinci range being released and being widely popular. People started wondering what the next release would look like for the Drag series. Moreover, the Drag series has been a traditional tank and mod style kit so far. But the Drag X has changed everything. Markedly, Voopoo decided to release the Drag X as pod mod style kit. Some Drag series fans were all for it, as they really wanted to see an upgrade to the traditional Drag series. Furthermore, Drag X comes in a variety of colors. It is a single cell device and the battery door is located at the bottom of the device.

Voopoo Drag X Mod Pod Kit - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Inside the Box

In your box you get a user manual, a type C charging cable, two coils, some silica gel and the device itself. It does not come with an internal battery. The Voopoo Drag X does take an 18650 – battery, which is not included in the packaging. So you would need your own external battery.

Voopoo Drag X Mod Pod Kit - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Magnetic Pod Style Tank with Press-Fit Coil

The Drag X features a magnetic pod style tank with a press-fit coil. With this device, there is an assortment of coils, 15, 20, 30 and 60 Watts. 5 clicks On and 5 clicks Off. This device has a maximum power of 80 Watts.

Filling the Pod

To fill the pod, press the little button on the upper side of the pod and twist it. It will go to the rubber plug/opening, pull that rubber plug out and fill the pod. The pod holds 5ml of e-liquid, it’s a good amount. When you are done filling it up, just twist it back to that little button so that it locks into the place. At the top of the pod it has a 510 tip which is very comfortable. Furthermore, the pods of this device are clear and you can easily see the level of your e-juice.

PnP Coil Heads

This kit comes with PnP coil heads. These coils are really good, vapor production is rocking and flavor is really good. They are very similar to the boost coil heads. Voopoo really know what they are doing when they are making their coils.

Quality made Adjustable Airflow

Just below the pod is the adjustable airflow for Drag X. It’s not a part of the pod, it is part of the mod. The airflow for this device is great. You can adjust it by sliding the lever. You can slide it all the way wide open or close it off depending upon your draw requirement. Most users prefer it to be in the middle i-e half-way open.

Built-in Clock in Voopoo Drag X

The Drag X features a built-in clock. Hold the fire button to clear or set the time. This device is perfect for the users that are non-tech savvy.

Mini Screen Display Info

If you go to the mini screen, it says Drag on top, you got your battery gauge, your wattage is below that, below that says the resistance, the volts, the second counter and then the puffs.

Clearing the Puff Counter

To clear the puff counter, hold the fire button and the wattage down button at the same time. It will clear your puffs.

Voopoo Drag X Device Locking Mechanism

The Drag X has a device lock and unlock feature, to activate it hold the fire button and the wattage-up button. It locks the whole device. If you do the same thing, hold down the fire button and the wattage-up button at the same time it will unlock the device.

Smart Mode Feature of Voopoo Drag X

If you click the power button three times it will take you to smart mode and the screen will go from red to blue. Most frequent users keep it on red and that’s because in red mode you could take it all the way up to its full 80 Watts. By the way this device does not round robin so it goes from 5Watts to 80Watts. Vaping it around 50 to 60 Watts will produce nice vapor and good quality flavor. Just pop on the tank, it will auto adjust with the smart read feature and you are good to go.

Leather Finish body

The Drag X is primarily made of zinc alloy and got some leather on the back. This is basically an updated version and an upgrade, feels very similar to the other one that came out before but great quality. This device is something different as compared to other pod mods in terms of style and the leather finish tops it off.

Voopoo Drag X vs Drag S

They are basically almost the same but there are some differences. The Voopoo Drag S has a 2500 mAh internal battery in it while the Drag X is for 18650 battery and it does not come with an internal battery. Both the devices are pretty much the same in looks and built but the Drag X is a little bit taller because of the fact that it takes an external battery but for the most part they are very similar. You are going to get two coils in the box for both the devices. For the Drag S you will get a 0.3 Ohm resistance coil which is good between 32 to 40 Watts, it’s the mesh and then you will get the second coil of 0.2 Ohm resistance and this one is good between 40 to 60 Watts.

The Drag X has one coil of 0.3 Ohm resistance which again is good between 32 to 40 Watts and then you are going to get the additional 0.15 Ohm resistance coil which is actually good between 60 to 80 Watts. You can notice that these coils are very much similar, so the only differences in the coils between these two is that you are going to get the 0.15 on the Voopoo Drag X because this one does go up to 80 Watts while the Drag S get a maximum wattage of 60 Watts out of the 0.2 Ohm resistance coil because this one actually max out at 60 Watts. Both devices feel compact and quite heavy but they also fit nice in the hand and both have a premium feel to them.

Battery and Charging

This device does not come with an internal battery, so you would need an external battery. It takes 18650 battery and it could be recharged in 1 hour approximately.

Various Colors of Drag X

The Voopoo Drag X comes in a variety of colors including Carbon Fiber, Marsala, Classic, Chestnut, Retro, Iron Knight, Silver Knight, Bronze, Mashup and Galaxy Blue.