Veev Device Review

The IQOS Veev is a next generation e-vapor device by Philip Morris International. With the Veev being launched, IQOS changed the approach to its devices because it is actually a quite big innovation. You will notice at the very beginning of taking the new IQOS in your hands that it is really light. Markedly, this device is extremely compact. What definitely catches your attention is that it is not for HEETS tobacco sticks. Veev is for nicotine filled e-liquid pods. IQOS claim that they have reduced all possible harmful substances by as much as 95% in the Veev, which is a drastic innovative change in vaping devices. Therefore, this device will prove to be of great value for people who are looking for healthy alternatives to regular smoking. It is also one of the best option for people who would like to change their device i-e the electronic cigarette.

IQOS Veev Device - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Inside The Veev Device Box

The IQOS Veev comes packed in a beautiful simple box. Inside the box you get the device itself, a USB-C charger, a charging cable and the user manual where you will find all the important information about this product.

Aluminum Body – Superior Build Quality

The Veev features an aluminum body. Moreover, the Veev boasts a body machined from a solid block of aluminum. This type of aluminum is so cool that it does not leave your fingerprints, which sometimes appear on other IQOS devices. This definitely improves the comfort of its use. Aluminum also makes this device much safer during use. For instance, if it falls off your hand somewhere, there are minimal chances that something will happen to it.

IQOS Veev Device - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Leak-Proof Pods

The pods impress with their solid build quality and clever design. Users of e-cigarettes surely know that it often happens that the liquid from e-cigs spills out or leaks. But IQOS has taken it to another level with manufacturing pods of the Veev. Surprisingly, these leak-proof and drip-free pods ensure maximum comfort during use. Moreover, this device uses plastic pods with color-coded mouthpieces that indicate the current vape flavor. One of the interesting feature of these pods is that you can get various flavors and nicotine strength in them, for example if you want to change the taste, simply take the pod out of the device and replace it with a different one.

Pod Capacity & Nicotine Strength

Each pod holds 1.5ml of salt nic e-liquid. The pods come in a pack or a carton with the pack having two pods and a carton having five packs. These pods are available in various flavors with different nicotine levels i-e 3.5%(39mg/ml), 1.6% (18mg/ml) and 0.8% (9mg/ml).

Capable of Producing up-to 400 Puffs

One pod lasts between 350 to 400 puffs. Depending on how hard you puff, the number of puffs may vary. As already mentioned, the pods come two in a pack with a comparatively low price. Looking at the number of puffs you can easily calculate that it is a very easy on the pocket solution.

Pre-filled Pods with Mesh Coils

The Veev utilizes pre-filled pods with Mesh coils. The pods come in an airtight sealed wrapper. A yellow rubber strip secures the bottom of the pod upon removal from the wrapper, indicating it’s brand new and unused. You will notice that it does have a window or a transparent area and you can see the e-liquid from there. The pods are built in such a way as to maximize your comfort of use, meaning that nothing will spill out of it during vaping, shaking and even when the device falls.

How to start using IQOS Veev Device?

First of all, you need to pull that yellow rubber strip protruding out of the side on the bottom of the pod. After pulling the strip out, put the pod in the Veev device and it will automatically vibrate and you will see the LEDs signaling that it is ready to use. The pod attaches very nicely to the device. This device works on the draw-activated mechanism. It also vibrates when you take a draw. This feature can be turned off from the Bluetooth application.

Bluetooth Application for Better Customization of Your Vaping Experience

Another significant feature of IQOS Veev is that this device also has a Bluetooth application to pair it with your smartphone. This wonderful feature enables you to perform the following functions;

  • Lock your device
  • Count your puffs
  • Customize your vapor output
  • Turn off gurgling or bubbling, which is similar to bubbling of Shisha if you have ever smoked that. So you can turn that on or off depending upon your choice.
  • Age-verification system
  • Find my Vaporizer – to locate the Veev if you misplaced it.

Responsive Draw Feature of IQOS Veev Device

You can activate or deactivate responsive draw feature through Bluetooth application. Responsive draw is a distinctive feature in which the device vibrates gently on your lips while you are vaping. These features make it one of the best choice available for e-cig users.

Does Not Require Heating Before Use – Ready to Use Feature

On the side of the Veev, it has a power button that will switch on the device. Another great feature is that it does not need to heat up in any way. This device is automatically ready to use when you press the power button, just above the button there are LEDs that indicate the battery charge level.

Battery Life & Charge Indicator

The IQOS Veev is powered by 230 mAh internal battery which could last a whole day, depending upon your use. The device has a battery charge indicator. It has four small LEDs arranged in a bar like fashion just above the button. When all of the four LEDs are lit, this means the device is fully charged, below 75 % to 50 % charge there will be three bars, below 50 % to 25 % there will be two LED bars and below 25 % you will see only one LED bar which means that you need to charge the device. If the device has fully drained the charge, the last single LED will start blinking before shutting down. The device has a type C charging port at the bottom. It does come with a charger and the cable. It takes around 30 minutes to fully charge the battery.

Dry Hits Prevention Technology

One of the cool feature of this device is that you won’t get any dry hits and you won’t inhale any dry vapor. If the liquid runs out, the technology used causes the device to receive information that the liquid has run out and by means of vibration you are notified that the pod should be replaced.

IQOS Veev Device Flavors

Some of the famous flavors for IQOS Veev are Classic Blond (Subtle Tobacco), Classic Auburn (Toasted Tobacco), Mauve Mix (Passionfruit), Classic Mint (Mint), Red Mix (Red Berry), Green Mix (Cucumber Ice) and Sunglow Mix (Red Stone Fruit).

Color Options in IQOS Veev Device

IQOS Veev comes in five attractive colors i-e Velvet Grey, Brilliant Gold, Lucid Teal, Copper Rose and Marine Blue.

IQOS Veev is made of Aluminum, it is small, it is compact and much thinner, it has Bluetooth app for controlling the device remotely and it is light-weight which of-course can be felt in your hand. Keeping in view these features you can decide whether this is the device you have been looking for. It is definitely a product worthy of your attention.