DynaVap the Omni Vaporizer Review

The year 2021 was DynaVap’s biggest product launch ever, releasing three new products the newly updated 2021 M, the brand new redesigned VonG and the long awaited revamped OmniVap. The new DynaVap Omni Vaporizer is a massive upgrade over the original previous model, with the M being made of stainless steel and the OmniVap from Titanium. The vapor you get from it is magnificent. The OmniVap is considerably more expensive than their base model, the M, so the question arises as what does this have? The OmniVap condenser, this is specially designed for full control of the airflow. The Omni also features a Titanium mouthpiece, a fully Titanium body and tip excluding the cap.

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First Impression

This feels like a truly magnificent piece of kit. It looks and feels like the S-Class of Dynavaps. It is significantly easier to grip than the M edition. This is Dynavap’s flagship product so they took their time and totally redesigned it from top to the bottom. When you look at the body the new Omnivap has an absolutely gorgeous updated look. You really start to lose the obvious demarcation between the tip and the upper body of the device. It almost looks like it transforms into the fins of the tip, rather than having that mirror-like polished look this one has a matte finish on the Titanium. This gives it a high-end upscale look and it’s going to help to reduce any visible fingerprints and any minor scratches on there as well.

Stainless Steel Captive Cap

The Omni Vaporizer includes the stainless steel captive cap which is going to hold it nice and secure on your tip. That’s the only bit of stainless steel on the device, the rest is made from Titanium. When you remove the cap you would find a totally redesigned tip.

Unique Triple Serrated Tip

You will notice on the very top of the tip that it has triple triple serrations, meaning that it has three different size cutouts and there are three instances of them for nine total cutouts and that’s going to give you more complex overall airflow. Inside the tip you would find a three position adjustable, make sure you adjust your Circumferential Compression Diffuser (CCD) from the bottom to the top rather from the top to the bottom and it’s going to be much easier to lock it in place that way.

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Outside of the Tip – Redesigned for Better Heating with More Surface Area

The outside of the tip of OmniVap has been redesigned to allow for more surface area to better heat the air before it hits your flower. This new design means that you can twist your cap off rather than just pull it off. As you pull it up, give it a little twist and you will notice that it comes off very delicately so it won’t disturb a really full load.

Trisected Nine Fin Pattern & Dual O-Ring Connection – Easy to Maintain

Dynavap implemented some significant improvements to create a much more refined experience for their all Titanium flagship device. Taking a closer look at what they have changed, lower down on the tip which now has a trisected nine fin pattern and these nine fins provide more surface area to help add additional cooling. It has a nona-notched completely contoured extraction chamber and an optimized dual O-ring connection to the stem. It has only two O-rings rather than the normal four. This is going to make it a little easier to maintain as there are less O-rings to replace and then you will notice as you place it into the device it kind of clicks and sets properly into place. It has a nice tactile confirmation and it goes into the body really easily.

Completely Re-Contoured Stem – Anti-slip Grip

The stem has been completely re-contoured with some new tactile navigation geometry including the rocker which makes it easier to find and temper your air-port. A simple little ring makes it easier to feel where your fingers go to rotate. The cutouts match with the trisected nine fin profile on the tip and also provide a nice anti-slip grip for your fingers.

Twin Turbulating Offset Air-Ports

There are twin turbulating offset air-ports in this device, rather than just having one air-port like on the original Omnivap, this is split into two. As you rotate the device back and forth, your finger is going to release one of those air-ports at a time, meaning that you will get a back and forth directional airflow rather than just a simple on and off pattern.

The Rocker – Saddle for Fingers

Opposite to the air-ports you are going to find the rocker and this has been designed so that between the airport section and the rocker section it creates sort of saddle for fingers so that your fingers are going to naturally find this indented part of the device and it also helps to give it a beautiful profile.

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Helical Heat Exchanging Condenser

The condenser of Dynavap Omni vaporizer has a fully machined surface and they call it a variable pitch helical heat exchanger. If you compare it to the condenser in the old model, this one is drastically different. This design facilitates a more effective transfer of heat from the vapor inside the condenser to the cooler incoming air on the outside of the condenser. It works to give you more turbulence, it helps to break up that straight laminar airflow and you would be able to get a better heat exchange between the incoming dilution air and the vapor to give you better cooling. You will notice this condenser has the screw out section there and that’s going to give you the adjustable airflow that the Omni is known for. There are couple of different ways you can utilize this. While inserting this, just back it off a little bit so it’s not super tight when you put it in there then just place that in like normal, then give three full rotations just so it’s seated properly in place and at this point it’s going to be completely closed.

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The Diamond and The Lines Adjustment Phenomenon

When you have the diamond shape on the stem, lined up to the longest line on the mouthpiece you have one step below two full rotations of adjustment, meaning that as you turn it counter clockwise each one of these indicators represents one level of adjustment. When you rotate it back to that long line it’s been through one full rotation and you can continue turning it in a counter-clockwise direction until one position before that long line and that’s now at the maximum open position. At this position you will notice as you take your finger off the airport while you are inhaling, there is very little change to the air to vapor ratio. You can adjust this so you can just use it without putting your finger on the airport and it has that perfect ratio for you.

Dial Indicator Mouthpiece

It has a dial indicator mouthpiece to provide a visual indication of your condenser’s location. Twisting the mouthpiece extends or retracts your condenser allowing for adjustment of your air and vapor ratio. Aside from using the diamond and the lines to indicate the position you will also notice when you flip the device over and look at the very bottom of the mouthpiece you will see set of lines that reveal themselves as you adjust your condenser. This is just another indicating method to help you visually see your ratio of air to vapor.

Left – Right Rotation of Mouthpiece & Hands-Free Usage Style

The easy way to think about it is that rotating it to the right makes the airport have a bigger impact and then rotating it the left makes the airport have less of an impact and allows for more hands-free usage style.

Dynavap has done some amazing updates, the all Titanium Omnivap by Dynavap provides a premium experience with a refined air and vapor ratio. The adjustable airflow is an awesome feature and you would really like to use this device in a hands-free fashion but no matter how you like to utilize it you are going to find a value from this feature.

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