Yocan Orbit Review

The Orbit is a new product from Yocan. It is a pretty innovative dab pen. It has an appealing advanced design. The old design was like an enclosed kind of a coil where the product/material would go directly onto, but this one has a quartz cup that’s heated from underneath. So it is just like a dab rig but it’s a portable mini dab rig like all in one. It even has a spinner cap and everything on it is pretty cool. This is not your typical regular wax pen because it has Terp pearls in it. Yocan used to be known for knock-offs but now they are known for innovations.

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Terp Pearls

Terp pearls are also known as Dab pearls, Terp balls, Quartz balls or Dab balls. They are tiny glass balls that improve the vaporization of concentrates at low temperatures. Dabbing at low temperatures make vaporization more even and effective while stabilizing terpenes at the same time. You basically put Terp pearls in your puffco or your quartz banger and it spins while you inhale, and spreads out evenly and vapes evenly the wax that you have in there. Basically it gives you a better hit than you normally would get without the terp pearls, so Yocan decided to just put some of them in a wax pen.

Inside the Box

Yocan comes to the table with excellent packaging having vibrant colors, a full exploded view of the product as well as what is in the box is printed on one side. After opening the box, you will notice that Yocan, as always does a very nice job of putting things tight. The unit comes with 2 dab tools, a USB-C charging cable, a neck strap/lanyard, hanging ring, extra gaskets/seal rings, extra quartz balls/Terp pearls and a user manual. You will also get a paper to verify your Yocan device. There is a validation sequence number on the side of every Yocan product so you can tell it from counterfeit.

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Turning the Device On – Heat Settings

To turn the device on just give the power button 5 quick clicks. The button will flash to indicate that it’s on. There are three different heat settings, you can click the button three times to change the heat. You will get white which is 3.4 volts, blue which is 3.7 Volts and then green which is the highest at 4 Volts. Most of the users like to put it right in the middle i-e on blue.

Priming the Device

When the device comes fresh out of the box it is recommended to prime it so you heat it up, hold it down for 10 seconds before you use it for the first time.

Pre-Heat Function

The Yocan Orbit has a 10 seconds preheat function, so if you press the power button twice you can see it will light up on the low temperature setting there and it will heat up the product, you can see the cup glowing there a little bit and it heats it for 10 seconds to kind of get it going and it turns off even not bubbling a bit.

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Vortex Effect

You are going to get the vortex effect with the Yocan Orbit. Terp pearls or dab balls are small glass of quartz typically a sphere that goes in the bottom of the bowl. When you inhale, the Terp pearls start spinning, once spinning from vortex air they provide extra heat and improve vaporization of the concentrates.

Coil-less Quartz Cup & Vortex Airflow System

Yocan is designed with a coil-less quartz cup that’s heated from underneath. It does not have any coil in the bowl, probably you would have rarely seen any device like this on the market. It’s called the vortex airflow system with two quartz balls in it. It gives even heating and it really changes the style of your dab experience.

Solidly Built Mouthpiece and Atomizer

Yocan devices are known for their solid built. The Orbit is another of their solidly built products. It has a glass mouthpiece and on the inside of the mouthpiece is a silicone piece or splash protector. Then you have your nicely built atomizer with the Terp pearls in it. Below the base of the atomizer is where the hanging ring goes. The lower part of the atomizer has holes for air intake. The hanging ring goes right in between the base of the atomizer and the body of the device, once it is screwed tight, put the mouthpiece back on and you can have the Orbit around your neck and could dab anywhere you want to go.

Flavor Comparison

It is probably one of the better tasting wax pens compared to other wax pens around. The Terp pearls and the all glass bottom really adds to the taste. You will get a coil-less atomizer flavor as well in the quartz bucket. The vapor might come strong if you are using it at high temperatures. It must be kept in mind that the lower half of the mouthpiece might get hot if you do hold it too long but you can work around that by pressing it less or not as long.

Terp Spinning – Coil-Less Portable Dab Rig

The Yocan Orbit is a really cool Terp spinning coil-less portable dab rig, though it looks like a pen but some enthusiasts don’t call it a dab pen but a dab rig. The fact that it has a strap to go around your neck makes it even that much easier to carry.

Maintaining Heat Longer

Yocan Orbit really maintains heat longer whereas there are many dab pens that lose that heat instantly. Since it has got quartz cup that really maintains the heat and the product still kind of continues to bubble and smoke after a little bit. The spinner cap spreads your concentrate around and really allows it to heat up well and to use up the product really good.

Battery & Charging

The device comes with 1700 mAh built in battery which is going to last a full day. Charging time is around 2 hours.

Extremely Easy to Add Product

It is extremely easy to add product to this Yocan Orbit rather than having to unscrew caps, unscrew inner caps, put it in and then all back on etc. While with this device it is really easy to take the mouthpiece off and load your product into the quartz cup.

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Various Colors of The Yocan Orbit

The Yocan Orbit comes in six vibrant colors including Silver, Gold, Black, Green, Blue and Red.