Smok RPM 25 Open Pod Kit Leather Review

RPM 25 Watt kit is the new portable pod system launched by Smok. This little pod mod caters more towards Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping. It uses a 0.9 Ohm replaceable mesh coil.

Smok RPM 25 Open Pod Kit Leather - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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What’s Inside the Box?

Inside the box you will get a user manual and warranty card, a Type-C charging cable, a spare coil and bath salts. You will also have the device with pod and coil pre-installed. The spare coil is the LP1 mesh – 17 Watts and the coil pre-installed inside the tank is the same exact coil.

Smok RPM 25 Open Pod Kit Leather - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Overall Build Quality and Features of Smok RPM 25

This device falls in the category of tiny devices. Built-in 900 mAh battery. It says ‘RPM 25w’ on the back with the nice leather wrap (artificial leather) with really nice stitching. Smok has been doing a very good job on their build quality especially with these leather finishing and stitching. On the bottom of the device you do have a USBC port. It does have a screen on the front with one button below it. At the top of the screen you have your airflow control. It has nice checkering around the airflow control, so you can spin really nice to fine tune your airflow.

Smok RPM 25 Open Pod Kit Leather - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Pod and Coil

On the top of the device it has the pod, you can pull it off easily. You will have a sticker on the bottom, don’t forget to remove it before using. By removing the sticker, you will see the coil below. You can pull it off really nice. You will get two of the same LP1 coils, both 0.9 Ohm mesh coils. There are also other coils in this line that you can purchase. Of-course these are vertical mesh coils.

Priming the Coil

For optimal performance, prime the coils before initial use. Pour a couple of drops down the center to thoroughly soak the coil. Then push it into the pod lining up the flat edges with the flat edges on the pod.

Side-Fill Pod with Built-in Mouthpiece

The pod is a side fill with a rubber plug and with a built-in mouthpiece that is quite comfortable. The mouthpiece does not come off but has a really nice drip tip size for a mouth to lung.

Smok RPM 25 Open Pod Kit Leather - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Pod Capacity – Thick Rubber Plug

Smok RPM 25W kit has a pretty thick rubber plug guarding the filling port. This fill port rubber plug surpasses the quality of many others on the market. The pod holds 2ml of e-liquid. When you are done with filling, just push that plug to close it down properly. Then take your pod and push it down and it will click nicely into place.

Turning the Smok RPM 25 device on

To turn the device on, press the power button 5 times. Smok RPM 25 has a relatively small screen but it does contain all the necessary information about your device. You do have your battery percentage, Wattage, Ohm load or resistance and a puff counter.

Wattage Setting

In order to change your wattage, click the fire button three times and the wattage will start blinking. You can adjust your wattage from 5 Watts all the way up to 25 Watts and it does round robin to 5 Watts with 1 Watt increment.

How to Clear Puff Counter?

If you hold the button down, that will make your puff counter blink and at that point you would be able to reset your puff if you would like. This button does not fire the device; it is just draw activated. If you want to turn the device off, click it 5 times. It is a draw activated device but you do have adjustable wattage which is quite nice

Smok RPM 25W vs Drag Q

First impression of RPM 25 suggests that it would be more like Drag Q which is also built more towards mouth-to-lung but Drag is larger and heavier than RPM 25. It’s a more portable device in comparison to Drag Q. It doesn’t feel much heavier than a lot of other pod systems.

Caliburn A2 vs Smok RPM 25

By comparing it to Caliburn A2, you will notice that both have almost the same size. Height of these devices is about the same but the Smok RPM 25 is a little bulky as compared to Caliburn A2. As far as the weight goes, there is not that much of a difference. The RPM is a very light-weight pod kit, the frame seems to be aluminum or zinc alloy. It seems that the leather finishing/grip really reduced the weight of the device, besides being looking bulky.

Vaping Experience – Wide Open Airflow

As far as my personal experience is concerned, wide open airflow is a loose mouth to lung draw but definitely not for restricted direct lung. In order to get a more restricted hit, just tune it to that level by closing the airflow, and then you will get a nice medium mouth-to-lung draw, smooth and full of flavor. If you tighten the airflow even more, you can get a very tight MTL draw off of the RPM 25.

Fantastic Mouth to Lung Device

This device is definitely geared towards MTL; it doesn’t fit the type to be suggested for the Direct Lung. It’s great for users that use 12 mg salt nic and mouth-to-lung or you could even use a little bit higher concentration salts. But keep in mind to reduce the wattage down a little bit if you are using a high percentage salt. It’s a fantastic MTL device.

Pros and Cons

This device is a great step in pod systems. What do u really want in a portable kit? You want a little bit more battery, you want a little bit more control with adjustable wattage, you want a puff counter, it’s a great device for having these features. It has fully adjustable airflow, fully adjustable wattage and a bit bigger battery. Build and vape quality is fantastic, you have some extra bells and whistles that you don’t get with a lot of pod systems.  It’s definitely a great next step in the portable kits by Smok.

It’s hard to find a con to this device, but it would be much better if this device could hold more liquid than 2ml. It is not button activated, it is a draw activated device and it works great. Another thing worth mentioning is the side-fill port, it would have been a lot easier if it was a top-fill. Filling a device from top could be much easier than filling it from the side.

Battery and Charging

The device comes with an internal 900 mAh battery and it takes around 1 hour to fully charge. Fully charge battery can last for almost a day, depending upon your use.

Various Colors of Smok RPM 25W Kit

Smok RPM 25W comes in four color options including, Beige White Leather, Black Leather, Brown Leather and Grey Leather.

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