Smok Nord 5 80W Pod Kit Review

The Nord 5 80W pod kit is the newest device by Smok. It is the Nord version 5 from Smok. Markedly, it’s a pod mod but it’s almost like if it is an all-in-one device. It was in the Nord for the first time that we saw mesh coils in the pod, and since then they started putting mesh coils in basically every other device. They have some leather versions of Nord 5, built a little bit differently with some minor changes. Moreover, the leather version is a little bit thicker and they say that the charging is a little faster. It has 1.5 Amp charging on the leather version and 1.2 Amp on the regular version. Both have the same 2000 mAh battery. On the regular version the panels feel like plastic and says ‘nord 5’ on one side.

Smok Nord 5 80W Pod Kit - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Inside the Box

Smok Nord 5 comes in a colorful yet simple packaging. The color of the box indicates the color of the device. Inside the box you will get a user manual, a warning card, a Type-C charging cable, a spare coil and the device with a pod and coil already installed.

Smok Nord 5 80W Pod Kit - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Pod Capacity and Mouthpiece of Smok Nord 5

The pod of Nord 5 holds 5 ml of e-liquid. It comes with RPM3 coils (meshed coils, 0.23 Ohm, 20-45 W) which are comparatively one of the best coils that they have introduced. The device has a flat/duck bill type of mouthpiece, which looks great for a mouth to lung vaping but this is more for a direct lung vaping. It seems that this is more for those who prefer sub-ohm tanks particularly. This is not going to be for mouth to lung, it can be restricted but it’s not going to be all the way restricted.

Child Resistant Coil Lock

When you first get the pod, it’s going to have a sticker right at the bottom of the coil. Make sure to remove it before using. It has a lock on the side that keeps the coil locked in position, they call it a child resistant lock. In order to remove the coil, you do need to unlock the red piece(lock) and then the coil will come right out.

Two RPM3 Mesh Coils with Different Wattages

The coil that’s already installed is going to be the 0.15 Ohm, RPM3 mesh coil and it is good between 40 to 80 Watts. The spare coil is the 0.23 Ohm mesh coil, it is also an RPM3 coil and this is good between 20 to 45 Watts.

Priming and Installing the Coil Properly

Before getting started, you need to either prime up your coil or you can just go ahead and put the coil in and then after filling, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes so that it gets saturated really well. When you put the coil, make sure that the flat end is actually against the edge of the pod, push it all the way in, making sure that the bottom red O-ring is secured and then lock it.

Filling the Pod – Side Fill Mechanism

It is a side fill pod, in order to fill it, just pull the plug on the side of the pod which has an arrow and says ‘open’. Lifting the plug will expose a really nice size filling hole. After filling, just push the plug down and this will close it up.

Adjustable Airflow Control in Smok Nord 5

Smok Nord 5 has a really nice and neat airflow control. Moreover, it has airflow holes on both the sides. It has an airflow control lever on the back. You can set the airflow of your choice.

Turning the Device On – Display Info

To turn the device on or off it is five clicks to the power/fire button. 5 clicks will turn the device on. On the display you are going to get your battery indicator and battery percentage, the resistance of the coil as well as the puff counter.

Clearing Puffs on Nord 5

You can clear the puff counter; you can actually do it in two ways. Moreover, you can press the fire and down button simultaneously, it will clear your puffs. You can also clear your puffs by pressing the up and fire button together, it will also clear the puffs. I don’t know the reason why they did it both ways. If you don’t want to clear the puffs, once it gets to 999 it will automatically clear itself to zero.

Wattage Range of the Device

This device does go from 5 Watts to 80 Watts and it does round robin pretty quickly. With these coils you have got one that’s good between 40 to 80 Watts and then you have got the other one which is 20 to 45 Watts.

How to Lock the Smok Nord 5 80W Kit?

In order to lock the device if you don’t want to turn it off, just press the fire button three times and it will lock the full device. You cannot fire it and you can’t change your wattage. To unlock it, click the fire button three times again.


Locking the Wattage Only

If you want to lock just the wattage and not the whole device, meaning you still want to vape it, just press the up and down buttons at the same time. This will lock the wattage but you can still fire the device. To unlock the wattage, press and hold the up and down buttons again, now you can change the wattage.

Flavor Quality of Smok Nord 5

The flavor on these RPM3 coils is amazing. These coils seem to have much juicy flavor. It gives you sub-ohm type of vibes on this kit. This is more of a direct lung (DL) kit. This is not really more towards the restrictive side, as compared to other Nord devices. Other Nord devices are more restrictive direct lung or loose mouth to lung and mouth to lung devices but this Nord 5 is geared for those who want a direct lung device.

Pros and Cons

It’s a simple and easy to use device. There is really nothing complicated to it. This is a portable direct lung device that holds a decent amount of e-liquid i-e 5 ml, which is great for any type of sub-ohm tank. It’s nice, sleek and small, not that much of a big bulky device. it has an adjustable airflow mechanism that works really well. It has all the pros of a portable long lasting device. I think the only con to this device is the filling method. Most users prefer top-fill devices but that’s a personal preference. Although, the side filling plug works really well but it would be much better if it could be filled without pulling the pod. Flavor and vapor is of outstanding quality. You will really taste the flavor to the maximum with a good size cloud.

Battery and Charging

It has 2000 mAh internal battery which is capable of giving you a long time. But if you are using higher wattages then it won’t last long and you will need to charge. It takes around 90 minutes to fully charge the battery.

Various Colors of Smok Nord 5 – Regular Series

Smok Nord 5 comes in two series, regular and leather series, on the basis of color and finishing. The regular series of Nord 5 is available in eight different colors; including 7-Colr Dart, Blue Grey Dart, Red Grey Dart, Green Blue Dart, Black Dart, Fluid Black Grey, Blue Pink Dart and White Dart.

Smok Nord 5 80W Pod Kit - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Color Options of the Leather Series

Leather series Nord 5 comes in 4 leather color options of Black, Grey, Beige White and Brown.

Smok Nord 5 80W Pod Kit - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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