Tronian Milatron Review

The Milatron is a new dry herb vaporizer by Tronian. The design of Milatron is simple and slick. They are popular for their 510 batteries. The Milatron represents their first big hit into the value dry herb vape market. The new features of Milatron makes it a device with impressive performance for some very enjoyable sessions. This device features a body that’s quite compact specially when compared to other convection devices. You can confidently place it in a bag or purse without worry because it is strong enough to survive. This makes the Milatron a great traveler device for enthusiasts on the go.

Tronian Milatron - Haze Smoke Shop Canada
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Inside The Box

The Milatron comes in a simple and small box. It comes packed with two mouthpiece screens, a USBC charging cable, a packing tool and a cleaning brush.

Tronian Milatron - Haze Smoke Shop Canada
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Overall Build and General Features of Tronian Milatron

The body of Tronian Milatron uses a brushed Aluminum exterior with artificial leather on the sides to give you a proper grip. Real leather may have been a little too expensive for a device in this price range. This all helps keep everything nice and tight with the form factor being sturdy enough to survive the accidental fall. You can clearly see that the look, feel, and materials of this device have been well thought out. Even those on a budget can enjoy their experience with this new Tronian device.

Turning the Tronian Milatron Device On – Proper Usage Tips

To turn the device on, rapidly press the power button five times. You can easily access the chamber by twisting the mouthpiece, it is best to lightly pack the chamber as it will allow air to pass easily while you take a hit. You can set your temperature using the two smaller buttons. And once your device vibrates, it is ready for a hit. You can press the power button once to check your battery charge. Once your unit reaches temperature, you can take direct lung or mouth to lung hits from the device. If you no longer receive vapor from the device at higher temperature settings around 220 to 240 degrees Celsius, consider your session complete. And you can turn the unit off and empty out your spent bowl.

Hybrid Convection Heating – Anodized Aluminum Chamber

This feature-rich 2nd generation vaporizer uses hybrid convection heating to cook your herb. Anodized aluminum forms the Milatron chamber. It employs a dual heating system to cook your herb to perfection by heating both the sides and the bottom of your bowl.

Filling the Chamber Properly and Bowl Capacity

Packing your herb loosely ensures uniform cooking in the middle of your bowl. This will also help in emptying your spent herb as there is no built-in tool like what you would find on some of the expensive devices. It seems a fair compromise to make given the low price of the Milatron. They have kept the 0.22g bowl size nice and wide to prevent any stuck-on herbs from sticking around.

25 Seconds Heating Time

Another interesting feature of the Milatron is that you will be able to get to the maximum temperature fast in 25 seconds which makes it faster than the Arizer Air Max which heats in 50 seconds.

Tronian Milatron Flavor and Vapor Quality

The mixture of convection and conduction is just right for people with an above average usage of dry herb. This increases battery efficiency while giving you solid vapor quality. In fact, the vapor quality of this device is better and more consistent than some of the more expensive devices on the market. You would be able to get great flavor at the Milatron’s lowest temperature of 160 °C and big dense clouds at the Milatron’s maximum temperature of 240 °C. This is a wider temperature range than you get on most dry herb vapes with most maxing out at around 230 °C. At 240°C maximum temperature the Milatron will make its money back by saving on dry herbs, faster than almost all the alternative options with the exception of Utilian 620 and the Zeus Arc GTS; which are extremely efficient as well.

Three Buttons and an OLED Display

The Milatron comes with 3 buttons, a power button and two buttons for temperature setting. It also features a really tough OLED display with just the right proportion of brightness to maintain excellent viewing angles.

Tronian Milatron - Haze Smoke Shop Canada
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Haptic Feedback Mechanism

The Milatron features haptic feedback to let you know that your chamber has gotten up to temperature. The mouthpiece is made out of a temperature safe plastic and features a ceramic filter to avoid the vapor’s flavor from being negatively impacted as compared to plastic vapor pathways. While the vapor isn’t as cool as what you get with a glass mouthpiece like the Utilian 620 or some other devices, it’s still more than sufficient.

Tronian Milatron Battery and Charging

The Milatron comes with a 2300 mAh battery which should last you an hour of frequent sessions or one day of infrequent sessions. While this isn’t as high as the 3500 mAh batteries that you find on premium budget devices like the Zeus Arc GTS, it’s competitive at the price it’s being offered for. This device also wins big points for providing a USBC port, a modern touch that’s just started making its way to dry herb vapes and it goes a long way.

A Great Option for Starters

It’s easy to maintain and use, and it performs extremely well. It gets the job done at a price that makes an incredible value. This places the Milatron above better performing units as the price point and richness of features is something you can’t beat. It is a great option for a first vape. The high quality of vapor for the low price will make you feel confident in your purchase.

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