Pax Mini Vaporizer Review

Pax has kept the same legendary and functional design since the release of their first vape, almost a decade ago. Recently, they released the Pax Mini, which is the first significant design change they have made. This device is a trimmed down version of the Pax Plus and it keeps only the essential features but it comes at a competitive lower price. The oven size has been reduced and it is now more suitable for the average user, which is a great news if you are trying to make your flower stretch. This device seems to be the Pax for masses. It brings Pax performance with the cheapest price tag that we have seen from the brand ever.

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Inside the Box

The kit comes with;

  • Pax Mini vaporizer unit
  • Two mouthpieces (1 flat and 1 raised)
  • 3D oven screens
  • Magnetic charger
  • Wire brush for cleaning
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Overview and General Features – Comparison with Pax Plus and Pax 3

Some users were thinking odd about the Mini as they thought it to be smaller version with less features. But this new device has some really interesting new features that makes it even more desirable. The Mini has the same exact diameter and thickness as the Pax Plus, and the Pax 3 but it is slightly shorter. Just like the rest of the Pax devices, it has a soft matte finish that feels much like a high tech product and there are no visible buttons to interfere with its minimalistic design. The front of the device has 4 petal-shaped LEDs and the back has a magnetic charging connector. The mouthpiece is on top and you get a choice of two different mouthpieces. The flat mouthpiece is flat with the top of the device and has a slit to inhale through. The raised mouthpiece is a little more convenient to use for many, but the flat mouthpiece offers better performance.

Oven Size and Specifications – A Distinguishing Feature

The oven is at the bottom and is covered with a magnetic lid. It is made from stainless steel and can fit up to quarter of a gram (0.25g). This is the biggest difference between the Pax Mini and the Plus. The Plus can fit up to 0.5 grams, which is a lot for most people. So the Mini solves that problem and reduces the oven size to 0.25g which is the same size as most portables, such as the Crafty Plus or the DaVinci IQ. Pax is a conduction vaporizer, meaning that heat is transferred through contact. Therefore, it is important to pack the oven tightly so that if you shake the device, nothing falls out.

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Turning the Device On – Temperature Settings and Heat-up Time

The Mini only has one heating profile and. One click on the mouthpiece will turn it on and start heating up. The heat up lasts around 20 – 22 seconds and is indicated with a purple wavy ‘X’ on the LEDs. It will turn green and vibrate once ready to vape.

Restricted Draw with Flat Mouthpiece – Improved Extraction

The draw is a little more restricted with the flat mouthpiece which reduces the speed at which the air flows through the oven. This lets more heat buildup in the oven which improves extraction and vapor production.

Standby Mode – Adapting to Your Vaping Style

One of the prominent feature of this vape is its standby mode. If you lay the vape on the table between inhales or leave it unattended, it will enter into standby mode, that is indicated by a blue X. The device will lower the heat to preserve battery power and flower. Moving the vape or starting to inhale will exit standby mode and heat back up to vaping temperature. This means that you can stretch sessions longer and take your time between inhales. The vape adapts to your vaping style.

Proper Extraction with Great Vapor and Flavor

Vapor quality is fantastic. Pax is as good as convection gets. Even if you don’t use a grinder and just stuff whole flower in the oven, it still gets complete extraction and will get you high airflow with great flavor and vapor. Pax was always a premium product and it is being appreciated that they introduced it at comparatively lower price, or even less if you get it in a bundle or use discount coupon.

Differences between the Pax Mini and the Pax Plus – Parts Compatibility

The oven size as mentioned earlier, is the biggest difference. The Mini is also slightly shorter. It’s the same width and diameter, but the unit is just a tiny bit shorter. Most probably this would not make a big difference in terms of how portable this vape is. Both the vapes have the same footprint and a few millimeters don’t make such a big difference. The Plus is compatible with concentrates but the Mini is not. This might not come as a big deal for most users because some people don’t mix use of flower and concentrates on the same device. It is better to have a separate vape pen for concentrates as it will keep your dry herb vape cleaner but it’s a personal choice. The Mini has only 1 heat setting while the Plus has 4. It seems comparable to the third setting on the Plus. Finally, the price of Mini is much less than the price of the Plus. These are all the major differences and everything else is pretty much the same. The mouthpieces, oven lids and the charging accessories are compatible between the devices. Both the devices also have the same smart features, such as standby mode and haptic feedback.

Battery and Charging

This device comes with a powerful internal battery of 3000 mAh. It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the device. They claim that one full charge can give you more than two hours of continuous use but it must be kept in mind that it is dependent on your style of vaping.

Various Color Options of Pax Mini

This device comes in two colors to choose from i-e Onyx and Platinum.