G Pen Hyer Vaporizer Review

G Pen Hyer is the latest e-nail by Grenco Science. They wanted to introduce something really special on their 10th anniversary so they came out with this device. It is a dual use vaporizer, dabbing and dry herb device. It comes in standard configuration for concentrates and you can purchase an additional flower atomizer for dry herbs. It can be thought of as the big brother to the G Pen Connect. It’s a next level evolution in e-nail technology. The cool thing about this product is the solid build with magnetic connections, that makes it really easy and convenient for all types of users.

Inside the Box

This device comes in a nicely finished flip top box with embossed logo and full diagram of device on the back. Inside the box you will get the following;

  • G Pen Hyer Battery
  • Quartz tank for concentrates
  • Concentrates tank cap
  • Tank Housing
  • 14mm male glass adapter
  • G Pen Hyer power cable
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Wax tool
  • Hemp travel case
  • Instructions card

Overview and General Features

The design is advanced technology with a magnetic carb cap and dual ceramic airflow intake. It is compatible with dry herb with an extra add-on and concentrates with the built-in. It has got 0.5g capacity (for dry herbs) and five temperature levels. The dry herb tank is not included in the box and shall be bought separately. The housing is made of medical grade durable Aluminum. It comes with a rechargeable battery of 6000mAh. This device has really changed the G Pen approach with the ease of use, portability and high quality materials. It is durable and gives an elevated vaporization experience with both concentrates or dry herbs. It pairs easily with glass water bubbler of your choice. The kit includes 14mm male glass adapter. 10mm and 18mm adapters are available separately. Kit includes hemp travel case with mesh pockets for accessories.

Turning the Device On

Fully charge the battery using the included USBC charging cable, before use. The charging port is situated on the left panel of the battery. Once all 5 LEDs are illuminated, your device is fully charged. The battery is operated by three buttons, a rectangle power button and two left and right arrow buttons. Press the power button for 3 seconds to switch on the battery. There will be an audible tone that will indicate that the battery has been turned on. The G logo and LEDs will also be illuminated. The default heat setting on the battery will be green. Press the left and right buttons to adjust the heat settings on the battery. The colors on the G logo and LEDs will change color as you toggle between the 5 heat settings.

Temperature Settings for Quartz Tank

The heat/temperature settings for the quartz tank for concentrates are as follows;

  • Blue is 482 °F
  • Turquoise is 572 °F
  • Green is 662 °F
  • Yellow is 752 °F
  • Red is 842 °F

Session Timer Settings

The session timer is the length of time your tank will heat before shutting off automatically. The default session timer is 45 seconds, press the left and right buttons together for 2 seconds to enter session timer settings. When all lights are flashing, use the left and right buttons to toggle up or down in session duration. One LED illuminated represents 15 seconds, two LEDs is 30 seconds, three is 45 seconds, four is 60 seconds and all five LEDs illuminated is 75 seconds. You can exit the session timer settings by pressing the power button once or wait 3 seconds and the device will automatically return to heat level settings.

Connecting Battery and Housing – Loading Concentrates Properly

Place the glass adapter end of the housing into the 14mm female joint of a glass piece. If your piece does not have a 14mm female joint, you can get 10mm and 18mm adapters that are sold separately. Ensure the power cable is properly connected at the side of housing on one end and at the side of the battery on the opposite end. Use the included tool to load concentrates into the bottom of the quartz tank around the airflow up stem, then place the tank cap on top. The included tool can also be attached to the top or side of the tank cap and used as a handle for rotating or removing.

Starting First Session – Maximizing Airflow Within the Tank

After loading concentrates in the tank, you are ready to begin your first session. Press the power button twice within 2 seconds to activate heating. The G logo will pulse during heat up and illuminate solid once your preset temperature is reached. There is also a tone/beep that can be heard once it reaches the temperature, now you are ready to draw from your piece. As you are drawing, you can use the tool attached to the tank cap to safely rotate and maximize airflow within the tank. The device will heat for your preset session time but you can also cancel it at any time by pressing the power button once.

Cleaning the Quartz Tank – Turning the Battery Off

It is better to let the tank cool before cleaning to avoid burning your hands. Wait at least one minute after the end of your session to fully wipe down the quartz tank with a cotton swab. It is recommended to do this before reloading the tank with any new concentrates or when completing the session and storing away. Long press the power button to turn off the battery or it will power off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Checking Battery Power – Pass Through Charging

While the battery is off, press the power button once to display the battery charge. Five LEDs illuminated represent 80 – 100% power remaining, Four LEDs represent 60 – 80%, three represent 40 – 60%, two LEDs 20 – 40% and one LED illuminated represents 0 – 20%, charging your device is recommended at this stage. The battery is also capable of pass-through charging, so feel free to connect your charging cable and use while connected.

Turning Sound Notifications On/Off

To turn sound notifications on and off, press the power button three times. If sound notifications are turned off, the G logo will pulse once. If the G logo pulses once with an audible tone, sound notifications are turned on.

Device Alerts – How to Troubleshoot them?

If a blue light is flashing five times with or without a sound notification, there is a bad connection with the tank or power cable. Ensure that the power cable is attached properly to both the housing and the battery. Check that the tank is screwed-in properly and clean connection points with isopropyl alcohol/Q tips if necessary. If you continue to see this alert, it’s possible you may need to replace your tank. If a yellow light is flashing five times with or without a sound notification, that means there is short circuit due to a faulty tank, in this case you can contact G Pen or our customer service.

Battery and Charging

As mentioned earlier, this device comes with a powerful rechargeable Lithium-ion battery of 6000 mAh with anodized aluminum casing. It features high speed USBC charging with pass through functionality. It takes approximately 2 hours to full charge the battery.