Learning to Micro-Dose? The Vapium Summit Plus is Paramount

Millennium and Gen-Y stoners, your Vapium Summit Plus vaporizer has arrived, and it’s almost as smart as your phone. Consider it the second most intelligent thing in your pocket (or purse). Creating vape units for the tech enthusiast crowd just seems like the only logical step forward for companies who are looking to attract a whole generation of vape-users in a market that is growing each year wildly. The perks of being tech-forward are obvious. A more connected device means finicky tokers get a more customized experience. Design heads get to carry around a more beautiful and polished device.

Vapium Summit Plus - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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If the Pax 3 in Canada is the Apples of the vaping world, the Vapium Summit Plus is the Android. In that, it places function over form just slightly. Although, it’s not the most beautiful unit on the market. It’s understated beauty is a testament to the overwhelming intelligence inside.

Vapium Summit Plus Features

The unit is just slightly bigger than the Pax 3. Think about half the size of a deck of cards. This makes it ultra light and portable (you won’t even notice the extra 88 grams in your pocket. And its IP54 rating means it can withstand some light music festival-ing and hiking. But don’t expect it to come out of Burning Man alive. For buttons, you have temperature and power adjustments at your fingertips. But the real power move is to hook up the Vapium to your smartphone via the native app. It’s not as precise as the top-of-the-line personal vape units. But you won’t notice unless you are a jaded vape critic. Once the Vapium reaches the set temperature, the mountain-shaped LED light goes from blue to “go” green and will vibrate to tell you that it’s ready to go.

Who would love this vaporizer? We would have to assume by the look and performance that this is a great short session recreational unit and not necessarily reliable enough to make it a strong candidate for medical patients. Plus, the slower draw is ideal for micro-dosing but won’t be satisfying for a consumer whose tolerance is very high. The herb chamber is a tad too small to create the kind of big, puffy clouds some users expect in dry herb vaporizer. For a safe, low-cost, dry herb personal vape, the Vapium Summit Plus is a natural choice for a vaporizer at its price point. For the casual user, the Vapium Summit Plus is certainly a very attractive piece of technology in that it will get your from Point A to Point B without much fuss.