How to Clean, Feed and Care for Your New Vaporizer & E Cigarette

First off, congratulations for purchasing your new vaporizer or E cigarette kiy, whether vaping is totally new to your or not. As we enter a whole new generation of vaporizers and e cigarettes that talk to our phones and send reports back to us via apps, we need to make sure that the core functionality of our technologically-inclined delivery systems is taken care of. Just like you need to maintain a car engine to keep it working at peak performance, so too must you do some necessary work to keep your vaporizer working to its fullest potential. Leftover gunk and residue can slow down the systems in your car, and it’ll do the same to your beautiful new vaporizer if you don’t clean it regularly.

Hot tip: Always, always clean the entire vaporizer thoroughly if you need to put the unit in the mail for repairs, returns or anything else to do with the warranty. Any hint of herb left in the tank or chambers could mean that your unit gets nabbed en route and reported.

You will encounter even more tips and tricks for caring for your particular make and model of a vaporizer and e cigarette, but these instructions are some general ones for keeping just about any vaporizer clean and maintained.


  • Charge your battery fully before it dies during your first use.
  • Clean the head of your battery once per week as they sometimes accumulate leaked juice.
  • Keep dead batteries re-charged.


  • Use only high grain unflavored alcohol to clean out a tank and never use Isopropyl alcohol because it is extremely toxic.
  • Change the coil out every 10-14 days. You can tell that the coil is dead when you can taste a burnt flavour in the juice. Even the best-quality e-juice will become terrible-tasting if you haven’t cleaned the tank in a long time.
  • The lifeline of a cartomizer is about one week, which is how often you should expect to change it.
  • Never leave your tank in the sun or direct heat because it will cause leaking and is one of the most prime objectives of having e-juice run onto the battery. Even leaving it in a car glove box on a hot day could be too much for your vaporizer. Overheating is one of the most common ways to destroy an inexpensive tank.


  • Do not leave any e-juice out in sunlight or direct heat. The heat will cause the juice to thin out and leak through your tank. Additionally, it could potentially alter the taste of your e-juice.
  • Keep your e-juice in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it to keep it fresher for longer.