Arizer Solo 2 Signals that Summer is Near

Two things have been on our minds this week. Firstly, the announcement of legislation that will (finally) legalize Herbs in Canada in 2018. Secondly, the news that Arizer has a new vaporizer coming out, called the Arizer Solo 2 in Canada. Canadians in the know are sitting on pins and needles about both pieces of news. But it’s the Arizer that is shrouded in more secrecy than the news from Ottawa. Luckily, we know where to look for vaporizer news. These are our favourite Youtube vape testers, and this time they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Arizer Solo 2 - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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What do we know so far about the Arizer Solo 2?

  1. It features a LED display, precise temperature control and Arizer’s famous all glass vapor path
  2. An upgraded user interface
  3. Tons of customization options
  4. Session timer of 5-15 minutes (default setting is 10)
  5. Temperature measurement in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  6. Screen brightness controls
  7. Heat anywhere from 50 degrees Celsius to 220 degrees Celsius for those who prefer thicker vapor

Turning the Arizer Solo 2 Device On

To turn the Solo 2 vaporizer on, hold down menu button and the up button simultaneously until you see the countdown to blast off and the familiar Solo “beep.” The display will greet you with a friendly “Hi” and a smiley emoticon. It reminds us of the old Nokia stick phones of the early ‘naughts. Next, select your temperature and go. For best results, we recommend heating it to a temperature between 190 degrees Celsius and 210 degrees Celsius. If you’ve already owned or tried out an Arizer unit, you’ll still be pleasantly surprised and how quickly the Solo 2 heats up—from 0 to 220 in less than 30 seconds! The first time you use any vaporizer, we recommend heating it up to the highest temperature about three times in a row to burn off anything left over from the manufacturing plant, otherwise called sterilizing the unit.

Menu Customization Options

Get your bearings by playing around with the menu customization options, from the volume to the heat measurements (Celsius or Fahrenheit) to the brightness of the display. After that, you’re ready to rock. After that, you’re ready to roll.

Final Thoughts

The general usage of the unit hasn’t changed much, but a lot of the OG Arizer’s kinks and sticking points are now obsolete. It’s like when Apple comes out with a revolutionary version of the iPhone, but consumers wait for the update to that model to make sure they are getting the creme de la creme of iPhones. This vaporizer is the upgrade model, and you don’t have to enter into a 3-year contract to get one.

Some vape connoisseurs may see these changes as inconsequential, but the Solo 2 is set to be the best product from Arizer yet, totally ironing out any disadvantages that its predecessor had when it came to comparisons with the Pax and other elite personal vaporizers. The precise temperature controls and totally customizable menu are a big part of the leap from version 1 to the “new and improved” Arizer Solo 2. Haze Smoke Shop offering a free grinder on purchase of Solo 2 Vaporizer online.