There’s a new kid on the E-liquid block and it’s called Liquid Cloud

Look, we’ve been selling e-liquids for years now. Moreover, we’ve seen brands come and go, like any old flavor of the week. We saw some products work and others fail; some flew off the shelves while others gathered dust. Until we finally said, “enough is enough, we’ve got to make our own.” Liquid Cloud is our very own brand, and we’ve formulated it by the reading we’ve received from the market. Certainly, great flavours, high-quality clouds, and packaging that makes it suitable for picky indoor smokers, cloud chasers, and flavour connoisseurs.

Liquid Cloud e-juice - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada

We’ve blogged about the difference between premium juices and middle-of-the-road ones; Liquid Cloud belongs to the former group from formula to packaging, although the price is very reasonable and since it is our very own line you can expect to see lots of deals pop up on the website that will make them even more affordable.

Liquid Cloud Line-up

Honestly, the process of making these little beauties is probably the most fun we’ve had, being entrenched in the process made us feel somewhere between being master chefs, perfume mixologists, and chemists. What we did was take the best qualities of the e-liquids on the market and combined them into one. That is, we found the best flavours and then improved them, making them suitable for vapers who suffer from PG sensitivity, allergies, and those who get easily dehydrated from some e-juices. So, without further ado, here is the premier Liquid Cloud line-up:

  1. Flux is like a vacation in a bottle, mixing pineapple, blueberry, and guava in a heavenly cocktail.
  2. Fury isn’t as mean as it sounds unless you’re scared of a little tornado of mixed berries blended up in a smoothie. We love this one because you can vape it all day long without getting sick of the flavour or experiencing any sensitivities, awesome for novice vapers as well.
  3. Custardo is a rich, sensuous vanilla custard made of milk, cream, vanilla bean, and a hint of flaky pastry. We adore this smooth e-juice paired with a cup of java. Wakey-wakey!
  4. BNB is our cute little loaf of Banana Nut Bread in an e-liquid form. No joke, it tastes just like a moist slice of banana bread with walnuts (no raisins, please!). No need to call up mom to bake you a loaf because this e-liquid is going to scratch that itch for you with none of the calories.
  5. Black Beard is a traditional tobacco taste, right from the Virginia farms. It’s a beautiful, nuanced blend with a lot of flavour and a lot of vapor.

Our Verdict

And that’s just the start. We have much more flavours on the way that you’ll be sure to find the right one for you. We can’t wait to see what everyone has to say about the quality, taste, and packaging. Make sure you share your verdict with us over Twitter, Instagram or Youtube—show us which flavor you are vaping, what vaporizer you are using to try our e-juices, and we want to see you make some big, tasty clouds for us. Happy vaping everyone! Haze Smoke Shop is your favorite Smoke Shop and Vape Shop in Canada. We are struggling hard to get you more such exciting new products with most affordable rates. Cheers.