Puffco Pro 2 is the Ultimate Yoga Mom Vape pen

This one goes out to all you ganja-loving yoga moms. You know who you are: drop the kids off at school or daycare. Then head to your gym or yoga class. Well, now there is a more efficient way to fuel your workout without “outing” yourself as a smoker. The Puffco Pro 2 in Canada is our most sexy-looking vape pen with an elegant feel.

Puffco Pro 2 - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Why vape before you exercise?

Loosen up

Loose muscles are essential for flexibility and ease of motion. If you find it difficult to release tension naturally through stretching and breathing, vaping can become your greatest ally.

Lower your blood pressure

Vaping promotes vasodilation, or the dilatation of blood vessels and a decreases blood pressure. When you inhibit vasodilatation before working out, it helps keep your blood pressure from spiking wildly during periods of intense exertion.

Shift your perspective

We all find ourselves in an under-motivated rut, but instead of coming up with excuses for skipping that early morning activity, make it more fun with an wax or oil that gets you excited and empowered.

Break through your pain

If nerve pain and muscle tension pain is what holds you back from physical exercise, vaping might be the key to overcoming that stumbling block. Of course, if we are talking about pain from a torn or damaged muscle or a broken bone, it’s better that you stay off exercise until it heals and just vape to mitigate that suffering.

Focus deeper

The intense focus that comes from vaping can be alarming to some users, but when you direct that attention to something constructive, like targeting specific muscle groups with weight training, pilates, or yoga, it’s a real breakthrough feeling.

Breath deeper

Botanicals aid in bronchial relaxation, which is a big help when it comes to taking in more air that your blood can then deliver to muscles. The more air that reaches your muscles, the longer you can sustain endurance activities.

Recover faster and smarter

Recovery is a major part of being physically fit; it’s where your muscles build, and your energy stores become replenished. E-liquids can help you with relaxation and sleep, both of which aid in recovery, but it can also help you build up an appetite if you are someone who has trouble eating after exercise.

Flavour and Battery Life of Puffco Pro 2

The functionality you know and love in a slim new form with the Puffco Pro 2 wax pen. It is the perfect balance of vapor and flavour; the large ceramic, coil-free, chamber is designed for maximum efficiency. Plus, because moms like products more when they are easy to clean we can vouch for the simplicity of the cleaning and disinfecting process. Simply take the unit apart and put the top piece in a container with isopropyl alcohol and shake it up to loosen the residue. Not too long though because that alcohol is seriously stringent stuff. The atomizer can be turned upside down and heated in an oven to melt the inner residue.

Overall, the Puffco Pro 2 delivers highly robust flavour and an insanely long-lasting battery life.

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