Kandypens Gravity Vape Pen is a Stealth Gangsta

If P. Diddy (aka Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy, and Diddy) were vaping in the “Bad Boys for Life,” video, he would be using a Kandypens Gravity. Hands down, it’s one of the most gangsta units we’ve ever seen. It is as sneaky as a stealth bomber and just as slick. If it were legal to vape indoors, this is the vape pen you would see all over the VIP section of the club.

It’s one of the sexiest and sophisticated wax pens we’ve had the pleasure of trying out. There is no need to haul a torch or nail with you everywhere you go anymore. Because this little wonder does all the work of an oil rig and takes up less space than most vaporizers. If you are keen on e-cigarettes and would rather people think that an e-cig is all you’re smoking, then this little dandy will hide your waxy secret nicely. You can buy this Badass Kandypens Gravity in Canada from Haze Smoke Shop with a free gift.

Kandypens Gravity Vape Pen - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Technical Aspects of Kandypens Gravity

But let’s talk about the technical aspects. Because this pen has the best atomizers we’ve tried, plus four temperature settings, a long lasting battery, good air flow and that’s not all. If you have tried the Kandypens Galaxy and Donut models. Then you’ll understand when we say that the Gravity is a combination of the two. The ceramic atomizer of the Gravity is the next step up from that glass nail on your typical dab rig. It has better heat diffusing capacities and holds heat better, just like your hair straightener (or your girl’s hair straightener).

Ceramic Plate Atomizer

Ceramics are easier to clean because residue can just be reheated and then wiped right off. Unlike your ceramic rig nails, you’d have to try to break, chip or crack this one because it’s contained in the unit. When you want to keep things super-stealthy, plug in the ceramic plate atomizer. Because it tends to produce a little less vapor (slightly less flavour as well though) and puff away without drawing attention to yourself more so than your typical e-cig.

Dual Quartz Coil Atomizer

The Kandypens Gravity also comes with a dual quartz coil atomizer. This is something a little more standard with vape pens like this. The quartz is a cloud-maker and retains the fidelity of the taste of the wax, although you will need to clean those coils after use. Press the power button and the “K” as well as the bottom light of the pen glows with a lovely fuchsia hue. The colour changes depending on the heat setting you choose, blue being the hottest. Keep it low if you like to taste the wax that you have in the chamber or turn it up to blue when you want to make those big clouds.

Finally, we want you to think back to your early days of vaping. Do you remember all those boxes, tins, and pencil cases you made into stash kits? Never mind all of those because the Gravity comes in a chic case that looks like a vintage cigarette case. It pairs well with that Courvoisier (or mango Ciroc) on bottle service.