7 reasons Why This is the Strongest Vaporizer on the Market Right Now In Canada

The Boundless CFX Vaporizer is in, Canada! We knew it would be good, but when we opened the beautiful box it comes in, plugged it in and watched its impressive screen light up, we knew it was the real deal.

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  • Very rapid heat-up time
  • Stealth mode
  • Battery indicator
  • Dual convection and conduction
  • Memory function
  • 5 pre-set temperatures
  • Dry herbs & concentrates
  • Large capacity oven
  1. Temperature Flexibility

The Boundless CFX features precise temperature control through the LCD on the front of the unit, meaning you can set the unit anywhere between 25-220 degrees Celsius depending on how much vapor you want to produce. The choice is yours, and it can be customized from one person to the next if you are in a session with someone else.

  1. Vapor Quality

The vapor quality from the CFX are very satisfying, at the highest temperature, 220 degrees Celsius, you can get large dense clouds of smoke, but the vapor is a bit harsh. We recommend keeping a glass of water handy. We tried it out until we found the “sweet spot” and then enjoyed the large, smooth draws.

  1. They did it with plastic (and it works)

While plastic exteriors are not ideal for vaporizers, the CFX has changed our minds. The buttons are accessible and responsive, and so is the display. It’s remarkably amazing how advanced this display is; bright, clear, everything you would want it to be. Sunny day? You can still see it clearly, so you don’t need to stare at your screen to know if the device has reached temperature.

  1. “Boundless” battery life

Like most units nowadays the Boundless CFX uses a rechargeable lithium battery that charges with the help of a micro-USB cable. Charging takes roughly 2–3 hours depending on how depleted your battery is, and a charge seems to last about 90 minutes. The battery of the CFX vaporizer stacks up well against heavy hitters like the Crafty and Mighty.

  1. Portability

Ok, so it’s a little bigger than a pack of cigarettes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still take the Boundless almost anywhere. Camping, sightseeing, heading to the gym, you’re fine. The battery life makes it perfect for a day out, and the USB charging means it’s easy to top up the device when the occasion arises, so try to find a good way to carry it regardless of its slightly larger than discrete size.

  1. It’s so damn easy

Right out of the box, this device is 100% ready to use and does not require a learning curve to get used to it. Loading the device is easy as well. All you have to do is swivel off the mouthpiece to get to the heating chamber, insert your herb and turn the mouthpiece back on.

  1. Overall Experience

From a functionality standpoint, the Boundless CFX it has excellent vapor quality that would satisfy most users. It’s easy to use right out of the box, and the big bright LCD gives you full control over your temperature settings. It could be smaller, but it’s still ultimately portable.

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