The Puffco Peak Pro Review: A Great Vaporizer Made Even Better

Back in 2018, Haze Smoke Shop reviewed the newest battery-operated desktop concentrate vape from Puffco, the Puffco Peak vaporizer. In our review, we praised the Puffco Peak for its ability to streamline the dabbing process, resulting in extremely enjoyable sessions. Now, in 2020, Puffco is back with a new and improved version of the fan-favorite Puffco Peak vaporizer, known as the Puffco Peak Pro and we have decided to enlist the features of this amazing product in our Puffco Peak Pro review.

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Puffco Peak Pro
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With many wondering if the new features found in the Puffco Peak Pro are worthy of the investment, Haze Smoke Shop has decided to break down everything you need to know about Puffco’s latest product, including the differences between the old Peak vaporizer and the new Peak Pro. The original Peak promised to change the dabbing experience, delivering a cleaner, smoother, and a less sticky way to enjoy your vapor and it delivered. The Puffco Peak Pro promises to go even further. Does it succeed? Let’s find out!


New and Improved


If you were a fan of Puffco’s original Puffco Peak’s features, you’ll be happy to know that all of these features are included in the new Puffco Peak Pro plus some new improvements. One of the more minor changes to be made in Puffco’s latest vaporizer is the inclusion of a new, more durable metal with a matte body that won’t scuff as easily. One of the larger improvements to be made is the new and improved power supply which also includes a wireless docking charger that doubles as an extended battery life.

The fact that the Puffco Peak Pro offers a wireless Qi charger changes everything for the new device as this was one of the more significant complaints for users of the older model- the battery life. Those that simply dabbed found themselves recharging the Puffco Peak constantly because it was a daily driver. While the wireless Qi charger does not come standard, it’s a good idea to pick one up if you plan on using your Peak Pro all the time. The ability to have your rig charged and ready to go at all times is convenience at its finest! With the Puffco Peak Pro, the total charging time is two hours and you can use the device around thirty times before having to recharge. That’s a huge improvement over the life of the original Puffco Peak!


Another huge improvement made in the Puffco Peak Pro is the fact that you can take 40 percent bigger dabs. This is because the newly designed ceramic chamber is larger, provides full temperature control, and even heats up faster than the original. This is a great improvement as, with the original Peak, users often complained that overfilling the bowl or sucking in too deeply often overwhelmed the heating element and led to thinner and less satisfying rips. You can enjoy a stable temperature setting throughout each inhale thanks to the temperature stabilizer.


The original Peak’s USB charger has been upgraded to a new USB-C in the Puffco Peak Pro and this allows for faster charging. Another new implementation is the inclusion of Bluetooth controls via an app. This allows you to turn your Peak Pro on from across the room and even adjust the temperature without having to get up and do it manually. An especially convenient power-saving feature to be found in the new Puffco Peak Pro is the auto-sleep function which automatically cuts the unit off when it is left on for ten minutes without use.


Finally, in talking about the new features to be found in the Puffco Peak Pro, we have to talk about the new customization options. The device’s LED lighting can now be adjusted to your unique color preference and shows clearly through the glass and base. Additionally, you’re able to customize even further by putting your lights in wave mode or disco-mode for an added aesthetic touch. It should also be noted that the Puffco Peak Pro’s glass mouthpiece is now even taller and this allows the water line to be higher with more filtration and cooling of your dabs. Best of all, all previous glass attachments that you used for the original Peak will still work with the Puffco Peak Pro so you won’t have to pick up more when you upgrade.


Is the New Puffco Peak Pro Worthy of Your Hard-Earned Cash?


So, at CAD$529, is the new Puffco Peak Pro an investment worthy of your hard-earned cash? At Haze Smoke Shop, we’d have to say yes- especially if you were already a fan of the OG Peak. Although this may be a hefty price point for some, the new Puffco Peak Pro feels, works, and looks exactly the way that so many of us hoped the original Peak would. While the original Peak had its strengths, there were many complaints that Puffco knew they’d have to address in this latest model. Luckily, address those issues they did!


The Puffco Peak Pro is a more polished, better engineered, and more cleverly designed version of the original Peak. While the original Peak felt like a good enough rig that could stand to be improved upon, the Puffco Peak Pro feels like a finished product. It’s clear that Puffco put in the work when it came to designing this latest product to be the high end product that they had promised. Keeping everything that worked about the old Peak and improving upon the areas in which it failed, the Puffco Peak Pro is just the rig we’ve been waiting for.


So what do we recommend when it comes to your purchase? Well, if you’re tight on money and need to save some cash, you may want to consider picking up the original Peak. That being said, if you want the best of the best and are willing to fork out some extra cash to get it, we’d highly recommend Puffco’s latest product. If you can afford to purchase the new Puffco Peak Pro, we highly doubt that you’re going to be disappointed with your purchase after your first session. Check out the Haze Smoke Shop store today and pick out your next rig!