Xmax Qomo Vaporizer Review: The Smallest Dab Rig Ever?

Xmax Qomo Vaporizer - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada

E-rigs have become a staple in recent years. Many manufacturers are trying their hand at designing an e-rig that exceeds consumer expectations. With the new Xmax Qomo vaporizer, however, it is clear that innovation was a primary concern in the design process. This new e-rig prioritizes portability for those who want to have their rig on hand at all times. Sure, it’s a petite e-rig (possibly the smallest we have seen to date). But how does it stack up against its competitors?

Haze Smoke Shop will be taking this opportunity to review the new Xmax Qomo vaporizer. So that you know what to expect if you’ve been thinking about picking it up for yourself. We’ll be talking about all of the e-rigs features, design, and functionality as a highly portable e-rig. Let’s get started!

How Much Does the Xmax Qomo Vaporizer Cost?

Before we get to how the Xmax Qomo vaporizer works and take a closer look at its overall design and innovative features, it’s important to answer one of your most pressing questions: how much does it cost? The Xmax Qomo vaporizer is a small, discreet, and highly portable e-rig. It boasts both a compact size and a relatively low cost. This vaporizer is well within the price range of many enthusiasts looking for the smallest rig possible. In comparison to larger e-rigs such as the Puffco Peak, Puffco Peak Pro or Dr. Dabber Switch, this price point makes the Xmax Qomo vaporizer a highly affordable e-rig.

How to Use the Xmax Qomo Vaporizer

So how does the Xmax Qomo vaporizer work? Put simply, this small e-rig allows you to either pre-heat the atomizer itself or leave it cold. It enables you to choose which style of dab experience you want. Regardless of which method you choose, you’ll want to load material about the size of a grain of rice onto the device’s included dab tool which is built into the carb cap. After that, simply click the button twice in order to cycle between one of three temperature settings. Then, click the unit once in order to initiate the heating cycle. The rig will then power up for a total of 20 seconds. That’s all there is to it!

Design and Features

Now that you have a basic idea of how the Xmax Qomo vaporizer works. It’s time for us to take a closer look at the device’s overall design and features. As we’ve specified in the title of this review, the Xmax Qomo vaporizer may just be the smallest e-rig we’ve seen to date. This makes it highly portable and discreet but there’s more to this affordable e-rig than that.

Manufacturing Quality and Overall Design

Xmax has a reputation for putting out a handful of decently built devices. They’ve continued this tradition with the design of the Xmax Qomo vaporizer. The Xmax Qomo vaporizer impresses with its thoughtful design. It features a carb cap with a conveniently built-in dab tool. The overall body feels nice and well-made, though not quite as premium as something like the Puffco Peak. The 18mm glass bubbler offers great versatility by allowing you to easily swap it out for another 18mm piece that better suits your preferences. It’s really convenient that Xmax has allowed the ability to put your own hydro tube on the device based on your unique preferences.

Given how small the Xmax Qomo vaporizer is, it’s a bit disappointing that the bubbler isn’t spill-proof as it is in the popular Utillian 5. Instead, you’ll have to empty out the water in order to store it away securely. Further, the glass is prone to falls and drops. Still, portability is one of the greatest things about the Xmax Qomo vaporizer and this is due to its size. It fits easily into a jacket pocket. As long as you don’t mind topping it off with water occasionally, it’s definitely one of the most portable e-rigs around (with the exception of the Roam).

Xmax deserves credit for its design choice. This e-rig is highly portable, fitting easily in your pocket for convenient transport. It’s worth noting that the Xmax Qomo vaporizer also boasts a discreet design. The portability makes it easy to take anywhere. But the design might draw some unwanted attention if used openly in public.

Temperature Flexibility

With the Xmax Qomo vaporizer, you get three temperature settings to play with and, unfortunately, this may not be enough for some people. While the three temperature settings are well-chosen and functional, most users will likely crave more precise control to perfectly vaporize their specific material for the best possible experience. If the Xmax Qomo vaporizer had included, say, four temperature settings would’ve ensured a bit more in the way of temperature flexibility. Do three temperature settings do the trick? Yes. But would more temperature settings have maximized temperature flexibility? Yes.

Vapor Quality

In terms of vapor quality, the Xmax Qomo vaporizer has its hits and misses. The device includes a ceramic atomizer as opposed to the well-loved quartz atomizer found in devices like the G Pen Roam. Many consider a quartz atomizer to be far superior, leading to better flavor, better thermal properties, and an easier cleaning process. The Xmax Qomo vaporizer delivers good performance for its category. The device offers well-chosen temperature settings, resulting in satisfying hit sizes and flavorful vapor. Sure, it doesn’t beat out all other e-rigs in terms of vapor quality but it definitely gets the job done. The majority of users will be fully satisfied with the vapor quality found in the Xmax Qomo vaporizer.

Battery Life

On to what every vape enthusiast wonders about before purchasing a new e-rig: what’s the battery life like? The Xmax Qomo vaporizer packs a powerful 1350mAh battery cell which actually performs better than the popular G Pen Roam. Depending on your usage habits, you can more than likely expect between 10 and 20 sessions on a full charge. The Qomo also includes a USB-C which is very appreciated seeing as that has become the new standard in e-rigs today. The battery life is solid in the Qomo and, although it doesn’t have a removable cell, it is guaranteed to last through a party session no problem at all. You won’t have to worry much about your device dying when working with the Xmax Qomo vaporizer!

Is the Xmax Qomo Vaporizer Right For You?

So, in our overall experience with the Xmax Qomo vaporizer, what did we think about it and would we recommend it to you as your new dedicated e-rig? Basically, for what the device is, the Qomo is a unique device that will meet the expectations of most users. If it were possible for Xmax to come out with a quartz atomizer for the device, this would upgrade the device to the point where it would be on par with some of the most popular e-rigs on the market today.

Still, at just $99.99, the Xmax Qomo vaporizer is a great budget e-rig for those that can’t afford to fork out enough money for more expensive e-rigs. While there is room for improvement in terms of the temperature selection options and atomizer, it’s a solid device overall and won’t disappoint most users. Check out the Haze Smoke Shop store and buy your own Xmax Qomo vaporizer today!