Puffco Budsy Review

Puffco’s mission has always focused on elevating cannabis with technology but most of their products would often draw unwanted attention until the production of the Budsy. At first glance Puffco Budsy looks like an ordinary water bottle while in real it is a water pipe.

Puffco Budsy - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Discrete design

Puffco Budsy bottle is a discrete, designed as a water bottle bong nearly resembling Dab Rig. But it is way better and simpler as this is transportable. It is made of plastic and has a really good suction. Moreover, it gives you great airflow and is designed simply. It does not come in some fancy box but just in simple plastic bag but the quality is one of a kind.

Puffco Budsy - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Can Puffco Budsy be used as a normal everyday water bottle?

Water bottle to the world, a bong to you and a friend to all, this is Budsy. It looks like your normal everyday water bottle so the idea of this product from first looks is discretion. Without the stem attachment it does travel and look exactly like a water bottle with all the numbers on it. It is also BPA free so if you want to use it as a water bottle you definitely could. But you cannot use it as a water bottle right after having used it as a bong. It doesn’t filter or keep your bong water clean.

Some useful Instructions

It does come with a set of instructions which again are very easy and simple to follow. It’s not super hard to use but it’s definitely kind of cool having something new for it to come with instructions. For safety reasons, use a normal lighter. Torches are not recommended because the Puffco’s hard plastic cap can burn.

Filling the appropriate amount of water in the Puffco Budsy

It has numbers on it to let you know the amount of water it is holding. It has numbers in milliliters on one side but there is that one extra tick mark right above the 400ml line. That’s the 420 mark and that is where you are going to fill your water bottle up to. You can use just normal bottle water to fill it up to that specific level i-e 420ml.

Assembling the stem

Assembling is easy, first take the main cap off and fill it with the appropriate amount of water then put the cap with stem back on making sure it’s tight. If it’s not tight you are not going to get good suction. You need to make sure it’s nicely tight and firm.

Proper Usage of Puffco Budsy

Flip the mouth open, unscrew it and flip the mouthpiece up. When you are travelling or when you are storing the product you will see that the bowl is in the storage position which is in the center. Normally you put your bowl in the center in other devices while using, but Puffco hasn’t done it that way. Locate the rubber flap attached to the ceramic container/bowl. Lift the flap out and move it forward one hole. This exposes the rubber flap, creating an empty hole for airflow.

And then you are going to get very good airflow. Open up your spout/mouthpiece completely when you are smoking or ready to smoke. For a smooth, water-filtered experience, simply load your product into the ceramic bowl. Hold the lighter above it and draw in vapor.

Puffco Budsy - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Compatibility with other herb devices

There are couple of devices on the market that could be attached or used in combination with Puffco Budsy. It’s a really nice transportable bong. As already mentioned that it’s cool because it looks like a water bottle but you can put one of the strongest products in the market out on it. You can put a Honey Badger or you can put an enail on it. You know how the e-Nails are on the market now doing successfully. For instance, Lookah Q7 would fit on the bowl and you would be able to have this as your bong. So there is a lot of flexibility with this product which is impressive.

Durability at low cost

Cost wise it’s a sweet spot for many. They know what they are doing. It is not glass that you literally can bang around probably. Take it with you wherever you want and not worry once about it. Once you seal this, it isn’t leaking. It is a completely portable totally encased bong system. Flip it upside down! The innovative design prevents water from reaching the bowl, keeping your herb dry and giving you peace of mind.

Transportable bong

It is completely transportable, backpackers, hikers, bikers, motorcyclists, RV people, this is something that you can take with you. It’s also not going to break the bank even if you do pay full retail. Like already mentioned, the Budsy can work very well with the Honey badger or variety of e-Nails on the market today which is a huge plus for some serious users.

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