Smok Solus 2 Open Pod Kit Review

Solus 2 is a new pod device by Smok. It is the second version of Solus. It is a very simple and budget friendly pod system. Solus 2 does have a replaceable pod in it. It has two steps of adjustable airflow and holds 2.5 ml of e-liquid. The device has a 700 mAh built-in battery. Smok Solus 2 is equipped with a triple protection feature including auto-shutoff time, short circuit protection and low voltage protection. To get the complete insight, Smok Solus 2 Review is here for you.

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Inside the Packaging

Smok Solus 2 comes in a simple but colored box, representing the color of your device that you are going to get. Inside the box you will get a user manual, warranty card, Type-C charging cable, bath salts and the device. The device comes with the cartridge pre-installed.

Overall Build and Pod Cpacity – Minimum e-liquid Indicator

It bears the branding of SMOK on one side with two beautiful lines and your light indicator. On the other side it says Solus 2. It has a Type-C charge port at the bottom. The pod holds 2.5 ml of e-liquid, that’s why it looks a little bit longer than most of the other pods. It does have a minimum e-liquid level indicator line to let you know that if your e-liquid is getting lower than that line, it will burn out the coil.

How to Fill the Pods of Solus 2?

The pods of Solus 2 are side fill. It is very easy to fill the pod. It does have a rubber plug on the side, just lift it by pulling slightly, exposing the filling port. The filling hole is large enough to accommodate any standard nozzle of e-liquid bottle. When you are done with filling, simply press the rubber plug in place to close the filling port.

Priming the Coil of Solus 2

Whenever you are filling a pod for the first time, make sure that you are waiting about 7 to 10 minutes so that the coil and cotton can get nicely saturated. That way you are not burning it out. Priming the coil is very important especially for those of you that are new, make sure to wait only on the first pod and the first fill of a new pod. Otherwise when you are filling it, you can vape it right afterwards.

Unique Airflow Control – Two ways Adjustment

It does have a unique type of airflow control. It is dependent to the position of the pod in the device. when you put the pod one way, you are going to get mouth to lung or more restrictive vape. But when you take the pod out and put it the other way, you will get more of a looser mouth to lung or restrictive direct lung whichever way you like it. It has airflow hole on the side. When you are switching the pod around, it’s going to open up to the airflow on whichever side that it needs to be on for the restrictive or the non-restrictive mode. You can see on the lower sides of the pod, restricted on one side and non-restricted on the other side of the pod.

0.9 Ohm Mesh Coil

Smok Solus 2 does have a 0.9 Ohm mesh coil in it. This is a replaceable pod so once it’s done, you would just go ahead and purchase more and replace it.

Smok Solus 2 vs The Original Solus

If you place the original Solus beside the Solus 2, you will see that the Solus 2 is a little bit taller than the original Solus. One of the interesting feature of the Solus versions is that the pods are interchangeable, you can use the pods of original Solus in the new Solus 2 or vice versa. You can use them either way and it works just fine. Both the devices have same shape. The original Solus uses micro USB cable for charging while the Solus 2 comes with a Type-C cable for charging. Charging ports are located at the bottom of both the devices. Both the devices have 700 mAh internal battery. If you compare the overall shape and design, the original Solus is a little bit shorter and slightly bulkier than the Solus 2. The original Solus does not have an airflow adjustment option and is really restrictive in that sense. Read the complete Smok Solus 2 Review for an in-depth analysis.

Vapor and Flavor Quality

The flavors on Solus 2 are really nice with great vapor production. If you set the airflow on restrictive direct lung (or more loose mouth to lung), you will notice that the device works fantastic. It gives you all the taste and vapor that you need from a portable device. If you turn around the pod and put it back in the device, then it will switch to mouth to lung, that’s going to be a lot more restrictive. You will notice that it’s a lot more restrictive this way.

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Excellent Choice for Transitioning

If you are just transitioning, this would be a really good choice for those who are transitioning from smoking to vaping. The mouth to lung or restrictive setting would be good for you because it will give you the same feeling of smoking a cigarette. You can easily change the setting by flipping the pod so that you could get a little bit more air. Either way, it’s going to be fantastic.

Pros and Cons

The flavor of Smok Solus 2 is superb. It is easy to fill and extremely easy to use. There are no buttons on this device, it’s just auto-draw only. Another huge pro is the size of Solus 2. It is easy to carry and can fit in any pocket or purse. 2.5 ml e-liquid capacity with 700 mAh battery are the things that make it a phenomenal device. For me it is really hard to find any con to this simple device, except for having more vibrant colors, otherwise it just works fantastic.

Battery and Charging

Smok Solus 2 comes with 700 mAh internal battery. It takes around 1 hour to charge and that could last a whole day of vaping. It must be kept in mind that the battery charge is dependent on your style of vaping.

Colors of Smok Solus 2

Smok Solus 2 is available in six different colors including; Black, Grey, Silver, Mocha Gold, Lake Blue and Ocean Green.

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