Uwell Caliburn X Pod Kit Review

Uwell Caliburn X is the newest version of the Caliburn series – venerable pod system line. It is a lightweight and pocketable device. It can be carried easily in all type of pockets and is proving to be one of the best alternative to smoking. It’s a built in battery device and one full charge can give you a whole day of vaping. The pod of this portable device holds 3 ml of e-liquid.

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What’s Inside the Box?

It comes in a simple black color packaging with the color image of the device inside. Inside the box you are going to get your warranty card, warning card, e-liquid fill card, a user manual and the device itself. Make sure to fill the warranty card and cover all your issues if you have any problems with using the device. The little warning guide just basically covers some basic stuff to make sure that you are safe and you are careful. In addition to that, you are going to get a USBC charging cable because it does have Type-C charging and you will get a spare coil too. The two coils give you a range of different experiences with the device.

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Build Quality

Uwell Caliburn X has a very nice finish. You won’t notice any issue with the finishing and overall built of the device. It’s nice and smooth. The attention to detail on this device is amazing.

General Features

On the front it has a little screen and below that it says ‘Caliburn’. On the top of the screen is your fire button, that is also serves as your control button. On one side it is all completely clean without any extra buttons etc. On the back it says ‘UWELL’ on the base while on the other side it has an airflow control. On the base there is slightly dipped-in USBC charging port.

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Adjustable Airflow Control System

If you want the device to be cloudier or more vapor to come out, slide the airflow control button all the way down so it’s all the way open. And if you want to tighten that up, make it a bit more restricted, you need to slide it anywhere closer to all the way closed. This will give you the most mouth to lung (MTL) possible with this device. The airflow control might seem a little bit loose but it is quite low and it sits quite firm. It might get knocked sometimes by rubbing against your pocket or purse. You might want to keep an eye on that if you are keeping it in your pocket, just double check it before you use it.

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E-liquid Level Window

On the top there is a couple of windows. They have gone back to their previous version of these windows. One of the devices they had, had a window on one side and was totally black or closed on the other, which means you can’t really see through it very well when it’s covered. But in this device, with the windows on both sides you can see right through and you can see exactly how much e-liquid is in there. That’s a wonderful feature of Caliburn X.

Leak-proof Pod System – How to Remove the Pod?

The pod can be easily removed by pulling. After taking the pod out you can see that it’s held in place by a pair of magnets down there. You can also see couple of contacts. You will be surprised to notice that it’s quite dry after using it for a while. Which means that it does not have any issues with leaking or anything like that, it is actually quite amazing.

Uwell Caliburn X Removable Coils

Caliburn X has a removable coil system. You will see the flat edge of the coil at the bottom of the pod, when you put a new coil in, you need to push it in and make sure it sits properly into that place. Usually with these sort of systems, you are a bit more prone to leakage but this one is built finely and it does not have the leakage issues. The coil that comes preinstalled in the device is 0.8 Ohm. The spare coil that comes in the box is 1.1 Ohm.

Filling the Pod Properly

To fill the pod, you actually have to put in the device and grab the top/mouthpiece and just pull forward or backwards and top will come right off. You will see that it got two holes, the red hole is where it takes the filling, the other hole is for air to pass. When you are putting e-liquid down there, the air comes out through the second hole. Keep in mind to keep the device flat or horizontal so that the e-liquid does not come out through the air hole in the pod. If you tilt the device to a side, eventually it’s going to cover that hole and e-liquid is going to come spurting out, so hold it flat when you are filling. When you are done with filling, pop the cap back on and give it a moment to get saturated before use.

Priming the Coil

When you have a brand new device, just in case you are new, make sure you drop a couple of drips just into the coil just to get it properly saturated and get it started. After filling the pod for the first time, give it 10 to 15 minutes just to fully saturate the coil for better experience.

Turning the Device On – Using Uwell Caliburn X

Using the device is very easy and straight forward. 5 clicks to the power button will switch on the device and you will be able to see all the information on the little screen. The screen will show the following details;

  • Battery level
  • Wattage
  • Resistance
  • Puff counter

If you want to adjust settings, hit the power button three times and you will see that the wattage will start flashing. You can adjust one watt by every click on the button, when it is flashing, it will go up to 20 and will turn back down to 5, it does round robin. After you have made changes, just wait long enough, it will stop flashing and will lock into place. If you don’t want to wait, just take a draw or hit the button and it is ready to use.

Locking the Device

To lock the device, click the power button two times and it will lock the screen. You can’t change the settings when the device is locked. To unlock the device, click the power button two times again and you will see on the screen that it is now unlocked.

Pros and Cons

Caliburn Uwell have been riding that Caliburn line for a very long time for very good reason. The first Caliburn was a massive hit for them, so they came out with another one and they have just been gradually introducing newer versions with slight changes and improvements. Most of those devices are basic pods. They are, fill – charge and vape kind of devices. That’s really all you need to worry about. There is not much in terms of screen, there is a little bit of adjustable airflow, not a huge amount. They are pretty standard entry level kits that perform very well, have great output and great flavor. Uwell Caliburn X is a bit of a difference for them, it is actually a screen device that you can adjust the wattage, the output and it has replaceable coils. where most of their devices atleast on the Caliburn line have replaceable pods, you just throw the whole pod away. Most users prefer replaceable coils because there is a little waste and little less damaging to the environment and overall a better fit for their style of vaping, but it’s a personal choice. This device has not a huge amount of output, does not have huge amount of power. It does not seem a full direct lung sort of device but when it comes to restricted right down to a full mouth lung, it performs incredibly outstanding. The flavor tastes very good even when the coil is near to change.

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Battery and Charging

Uwell Caliburn X comes with an internal battery of 850 mAh. It takes around 40 to 45 minutes to fully charge, that could give a whole day of uninterrupted vaping all day long.

Various Colors of Uwell Caliburn X

This device comes in six beautiful colors, including Ink Blue, Lake Green, Ribbon Red, Lilac Purple, Matte Black and Moonlight Silver.

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