Puffco Guardian Peak Pro Review

Puffco has made a new concentrate rig called the Guardian Peak Pro. Guardian Peak Pro is a limited edition device and is a little different than before. The color is amazing, its reflective like a mirror. It will remind you of a UFO. It has a futuristic design. The glass on Puffco Guardian Peak Pro is very cool with some beautiful pattern of lines and curves. This device comes with their innovative 3D chamber and they claim that it preserves the quality of your oil. It’s a great vaporizer for home and they have made it so you can even take it along with you.

Puffco Guardian Peak Pro - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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Inside the Box

Puffco Guardian Peak Pro comes in an elegant box. The box includes a nice compact travel case. The travel case actively holds the Puffco Guardian Peak Pro with pre-installed glass, a dab tool, and cotton swabs with a dual-purpose tip (one end a standard Q-tip, the other flat for loading or picking). It also includes a USB-C cable, AC adapter for wall charging, oculus carb cap with tether, and a ceramic bowl. One of the distinctive feature of Puffco is that they have included the charger/adapter in the box, even in the previous models of their devices. A lot of companies just send a USB cable with the device but Puffco Guardian Peak Pro comes with both the charger and cable.

Puffco Guardian Peak Pro - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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General Overview and Build Features of Puffco Guardian Peak Pro

Guardian Peak Pro is a new desktop vaporizer that is also easy to carry, having special casing. You can buy a travel kit for it which will plug the top and make this a completely portable rig. Moreover, you can get travel glass for it also, which means it won’t pour out the water from top. You can also get extra 3D bowl/atomizer and a lot of after-market atomizers to make this a really exciting torch-less rig.

You can use an oculus carb cap/flip up carb-cap, that allows you to look through as well as help the viscosity of your dabbing. The design of the unit blends classic and futuristic styles. The air holes in the glass seamlessly align with those in the base for a visually pleasing aesthetic. All the action happens in the base, that’s where it has a powerful battery that’s designed for multiple sessions – up to 30 sessions.

Puffco Guardian Peak Pro Bluetooth App

You have the ability to use and download an App that can be configured through the internet so you can control it from an iPhone or android. You can fully customize Guardian Peak Pro from the App. This Bluetooth application allows users to control sessions on Guardian Peak Pro. You also have the ability to use a wireless charging base with the Puffco Guardian Peak Pro.

The Puffco Guardian Peak Pro Power Dock – Proper Use & General Features

Fully charge your power dock before use, with the Peak Pro Guardian charging brick and insert the provided USBC cable into the input power port. It takes approximately three hours to fully charge. Fully insert the Peak Pro Guardian into the power dock. The USBC charging port on the Peak should face the back side. An indicator will illuminate blue on the power dock when a connection is established. To charge an external device, plug directly into the USB output power port. Plugging in the Pro Guardian to the USB output will provide two full charges. Wireless charging will provide one full charge. To check the battery level, press the dock button once. Four white lights will indicate your battery level. One being the lowest, four being fully charged. Keep your Peak Pro Guardian ready at all times with ready mode. You can activate the ready mode through the App.

Once you remove the Guardian from the power dock, your favorite temperature automatically begins heating without pressing a single button. Once removed, wait 30 seconds for heat up then enjoy, less work more dabs.

Four Temperature Settings – Cotton Ball Clouds

The Puffco Guardian Peak Pro really has taken the industry by storm. It is a solid unit, has everything from green up to white, four temperature settings (between 490 F and 545 degrees F), which allows you to get flavor and terps up to those curling cotton ball clouds. You can adjust your favorite temperature using the App. Guardian Peak Pro temperature settings can be completely configured and customized from the Bluetooth application as there are only four temperature settings which can be directly made on the device. There are tremendous amounts of glasses, add-on pieces that have been designed by the major manufacturers in the industry.

Comparatively Expensive but Extremely Adaptable

It’s an extremely versatile vaporizer, with a comparatively high price tag but it’s extremely adaptable. One of the most important thing about the Puffco Guardian is its consistency, it’s like a big pen. It gives you the hit, same as first time every time, just got to keep it clean and fill it.

Large Chamber

Another interesting feature that you will notice about the Puffco Guardian is that the chamber is extremely large as compared to other devices of the same league. You can put a lot of material inside the chamber of Puffco Guardian. Basically this could be an all-day unit for you in its portable configuration, you can take it anywhere.

Puffco Hot Knife – Super Easy to Use

Hot knife is a useful device that minimizes the wastage of concentrates and provides hassle free filling. It does not come in the box with the Guardian Peak Pro; you have to purchase it separately or try to get in a deal. Puffco hot knife takes a standard Type-C charger, like most Puffco devices. The first thing you need to do when you get it out of the box is to fully charge it. When the knife is charging, the small light will glow orange and it will turn off when it’s done charging. Remove the top piece off to reveal the ceramic tip of the hot knife.

This ceramic tip is the one with which you are going to be scooping your dab up. It is super easy to use; all you have to do is just scoop your dab on like a normal tool and then you will hold the button down until your dab falls into the chamber. Q-tip off the device when it’s done and then put the cap back on. It will give you 50 uses per charge.

Advantages of Puffco Hot Knife

This hot knife solves two problems that most users face when using the Guardian. First, it eliminates the chances of scratching the chamber while using a normal metal tool one needs to rub it against the walls of the chamber to put the dab into it. This hot knife just drops the dab in the chamber without rubbing or scrapping it against the walls of the chamber. Second, it is easy to clean, as the regular dab tool might sometimes prove hard to clean. Cleaning the hot knife is really easy and it’s important to clean it up while it is still warm.

Battery and Charging

Once you are out of the battery after 25 or 30 sessions, you have to recharge it with the provided charger and USBC cable. The device comes with 1700 mAh battery and it takes around 2 hours to fully charge.

Puffco Guardian Peak Pro - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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