Arizer Air Max Review

Arizer Air Max is the follow up to the Arizer Air 2. It is a multipurpose dry herb vaporizer. It features original glass pod system and a glass mouthpiece can be filled in advance for on the go which is perfect for portability. This latest version of Arizer has fast heating ceramic technology. The Arizer Air Max also features dark mode for discrete use as well as fast USBC charging. This device has an isolated air path and comes with temperature alarm function. Overall they have made some great improvements and enhancements on this new Air max.

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Inside the Box

This device comes in a simple box. The kit comes with the Air Max vaporizer device, three glass pieces, the power adapter and a USB-C cable, an oven tool, replacement screens, PVC travel tubes, a small pack of aromatic botanicals and a user manual.

Overview and General Features – Rapid Heating Ceramic Technology

The Air Max is shaped like a thick pen and has a really simple and straightforward design. The body is made mostly from Aluminum and it feels solid while holding. The front has an OLED screen that will display device information and temperature settings. It has a power button on one side as well as two up and down buttons on the other side. The Air Max has a super powerful 26650 mAh battery that gives you over 2 hours of non-stop use time. The battery fills the entire bottom half of the device. The heating element sits on top and uses an advanced heating system which Arizer calls ‘Rapid Heating Ceramic Technology’.

Signature Glass Pod System – Oven Capacity and Proper Filling

Arizer Air Max uses a signature glass pod system, where instead of packing the herb into the oven, it is packed into the glass mouthpiece. The mouthpiece has a small cup-shaped opening at the bottom with a divider and four small holes to allow air and vapor to pass through. You can scoop the dry herb directly into the mouthpiece, which holds around a quarter of a gram. Then flip the Air Max into the mouthpiece, not the mouthpiece into the device.

Turning The Device On

To turn the device on, hold the power and up button together. Then press the up button again to start heating up to the set temperature, with a maximum of 428 °F. You can set it up on 390 °F which is a good place to start for most people. It will beep twice once the temperature has reached.

Precise 1 Degree Temperature Control – Optimal Temperature

Arizer Air Max features precise one-degree temperature control with a wide range from 50 to 220 degrees Celsius or 122 °F – 428 °F. You can also change the temperature unit from Celsius to Fahrenheit. According to Arizer, they say that the optimal temperature for your favorite herb is anywhere between 180 to 200 °C for a smooth and flavorful experience or alternatively anywhere from 200 to 220 °C for a stronger and more intense experience.

Vapor and Flavor Quality of Arizer Air Max

The vapor quality is excellent. There is just something so satisfying with the Arizer’s vapor across their entire line. They all use the glass pod system and the vapor is very similar. It produces consistently great results, the vapor is strong and dense. As with other dry herb vapes, Arizer Air Max is very flavorful in the beginning with a gradual decrease in quality after 5 to 8 draws.

Perfectly Sized Oven for Solo Sessions

The oven is perfectly sized for a solo session. It is recommended to empty the oven or in this case the glass stem immediately after a session before it cools down and gets sticky. After emptying the glass stem you can see that the herb is brown and crunchy, which means good extraction and efficiency.

Glass Pipe Adapter

The Air Max also comes with a 14mm glass pipe adapter that can be used with traditional water filtration devices such as the Marley Natural and many others. The frosted glass mouthpiece slides right into the rig. The display will flip as well, so you can see the temperature settings upright. Lots of people use water filtration these days, therefore it’s really nice to see this option available right out of the box.

Automatic Screen Inversion

Another cool feature of the Air Max is that it has an automatic screen inversion. When you turn the device upside down to vape through water, the screen turns upside down with it. That’s a great little addition.

Aromatic Diffuser

The third glass attachment is an aroma dish that can be used as an aromatic diffuser. There is one pack of lavender included, you can just place the herbs in the dish and as the oven heats up, it will release aromas into the room. It is a cool option but it’s usage is dependent on individual preferences.

Dark Mode Feature

One of the coolest thing that they added in Arizer Air Max is the new dark mode. The dark mode is meant for more stealth use. It does not have as louder beeps and rather than having bright control display it just has small icons on the screen that gives you the information you need to know. It’s cool as well because you can set dark mode to a preset temperature and just switch between normal mode and dark mode, and then not have to change temperatures on the device. With the custom session settings, the device can be set individually. Normal and dark mode settings are saved separately and ready to use. To protect your eyes in the dark, you can switch to dark mode. This means a dim icon display and shortened user-defined session settings for unobstructed use.

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PVC Travel Tubes

Arizer also includes in the kit PVC travel tubes and silicone caps to pre-load stems for later use. The Arizer Air Max is a beast. It’s a point and shoot vape without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Strong battery, powerful heating element, a screen to display the temperature and a clean air path to deliver the vapor; that’s all a good vaporizer really needs and the Arizer Air Max is an example of that.

Powerful Battery and Pass Through Charging

At the bottom of the device is the cap for removable battery. Rather than 18650, this device has a massive 26650 mAh battery. It is way bigger battery and it takes pretty much the entire device but that’s what going to give you the increased battery life; upto 2 hours and 15 minutes, depending on your temperature and your usage style. The Arizer Air Max has the USBC charging which gives you the convenience of fast charging. Arizer Air Max also gives you the option of pass through charging i-e to use the device while charging.

Pros and Cons

The set of glass stems is the coolest feature of this device. Not only does it produce pure and tasty vapor but it also makes the Arizer’s vapes the easiest to clean and maintain. The glass mouthpiece is practically the only part that gets dirty. To clean it, just soak it in alcohol for few minutes and then clean it with a Q-tip. The vape itself barely gets dirty and stays in great shape even after years of use. The only downside of the glass stems is that they make it a little less portable. While the device itself is not big or bulky, the glass stem adds a few inches on top and might not really fit in your pocket. But if you vape primarily at home, this should not bother you at all.

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