Geekvape B60 Review

Geekvape B60 is the new Aegis Boost Version 2. It is also known as Aegis Boost 2. It is a new pod mod from Geekvape, using their updated design. This device has a 2000 mAh built-in battery and uses the B series coils. It looks like an Aegis boost but with the updated designs that we have seen them do on some of their other mods. It has newer styling with less rubber but is still IP68 rated tri proof, waterproof, shockproof and dustproof device. It feels a lot like their previous devices but with the B60 they are starting to use more metal and less rubber.

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Inside the Box

Inside the package you get a user manual, warning card, warranty card, a Type-C charging cable, bath salts, a tool – to help you remove the coil, an extra O-ring and a spare coil.

Overall Build Quality & General Features

The device is mainly made out of Zinc alloy and some top grain leather with food grade silicone. It has a metal frame and cushioned leather back panel. The leather is artificial but it is very nicely done and looks really great. On the bottom you do have a rubber platform which is a really nice touch when you got to put it down, feels nice and soft. It prevents scratching on your table or furniture and the device feels better overall. You do have a waterproof USBC port, your controls, fire button, a rounded screen and a lock tab. They have added little bit of a new design and styling but it’s following the same theme that we have seen on their previous devices of the same series.

Pod Specifications

The pod has strong magnets inside which holds it tightly in its place. You are not going to have any issues with this thing coming off unless maybe you drop it really hard on concrete or something. These pods hold 5ml of e-liquid, they are top fill with rubber plug. You have airflow control on the side in the pod which is built really nicely. As the airflow comes in so high that makes it very leak resistant, as far as any liquid is coming out of your coil on the bottom, you are not going to have issues with that. On the top you do have a drip tip and it is one of those slip over designs. The tip works great for direct lung but if you lose this you are going to have a hard time finding another one. Some enthusiasts wish they would have done something more like a 510. It is one of those slip over drip tips that you can position any way you want depending on how you are holding the pod mod.

New B Series Mesh Coils

The kit comes with 2 coils. The spare coil is a Geekvape B series mesh coil. On the bottom it has the stats; it’s a Kanthal 0.6-ohm mesh coil rated for 15 – 25 watts, suitable for more of a restricted direct lung. The coil pre-installed is also a B series mesh coil; 0.2 ohm, Nichrome and is rated at 50 – 58 watts, definite choice for direct lung.

Adjustable Mouthpiece

Geekvape B60 comes with a beautiful kind of bulky pod. On the top it has the adjustable mouthpiece that you can rotate easily according to your need. It has sleeve style drip tip that could be detached really easily by pulling. The opening is not a 510 threaded opening for the inside. It would have been nice if they would have done that to wear. Just in case you don’t want to use the sleeve, you could pop a 510.

Priming the Coil

As this is top fill, you could fill it up while the pod is installed in the device. Always remember to prime the coil before first use. Priming is easy and is the same as for most of the vaping devices. Add two or three drops of your e-liquid inside the coil, just to get it started. It is recommended to prime the coil before installing it in the pod for use. Make sure that O-ring seats properly in place. After installing the coil, pop the rubber plug and fill it with your favorite e-liquid. It is good to let the pod rest for at least 5 minutes after filling to make sure that the coil gets fully saturated.

Turning the Device On – Smart Mode at 58W Max

To turn the device on click the power button 5 times, the screen will say Geekvape and you will have your display. You will see a small snake like graphics rotating on the screen, just as a computer loading circle. When you are in smart mode you will have a battery meter and the screen will show your wattage, ohm load, voltage and puff counter. This device does go in 0.5 watt increments; it will normally go up to 60 watts but in smart mode it will go to a maximum of 58 watts because of the coil that’s being used. If you change smart mode by pressing the power button 3 times, and select regular power mode. You will see that you can go all the way up to 60 watts and it will round robin to 5 watts.

Various Modes Selection

If you press the power button again 3 times, power will be highlighted, you can go from power to boosting max mode. This mode basically gives you the maximum power that you are going to be able to get from that coil. You can switch various modes and get back to smart mode. You have power mode, boosting max mode, TC Nickel, TC Titanium, TC Stainless steel and TC TCR. Then you have your VPC (Variable Power Curves), this is where you can do your custom curves and back into smart mode. This device does have temperature control built in it. Variable power curves are quite nice because you can use that in normal wattage mode.

Screen Brightness Adjustment in B60

You can adjust the brightness of your screen by pressing the fire button and left(down) button together. It will turn it down but if you press fire button and right(up) button, that will turn it up. You can increase or decrease the brightness of the screen.

Locking The Device

If you want to lock this device, you can do that by sliding the lock button/tab on the side. It will completely lock the device. You won’t be able to fire the device; the whole device will be locked. It’s a nice feature if you want to just quickly put it in your pocket. However, some users like to lock only the adjustment buttons and not the fire button but there is no way to do that in this device. Sometimes it is nice to be able to lock the adjustment buttons independently.

Vapor and Flavor Quality

It has a really nice flavor and saturated vapor quality. It is like a looser restricted lung hit with the 0.2ohm coil. Obviously the vapor and flavor quality is dependent on the type of coil you are using. You can adjust tighter or looser airflow from the airflow controller. You can fine tune your airflow. It’s a nice pod mod that actually vapes pretty good. The new coils provide an enhanced and more dominant flavor at higher power.

Pros and Cons

The drip tip is very comfortable for direct lung but it’s a proprietary tip and you might not find another one easily if it is lost. It is a sleeved drip tip, though it has an O-ring to keep it in place but it could be lost easily. It would have been nice if they would have included multiple tips or it could be made compatible with a 510 drip tip. It’s going to be a con. There is a rubber plug and it has got a top fill. The rubber plug is slightly beefy but the top filling mechanism is a pro. Built-in battery might come to some users a con but is equally preferred by a lot of users. 2000 mAh battery on a device that does up to 60 watts, some think that it would have been nice if it was at least 2500 mAh. The locking system is a huge pro of this device. It is simple and works fantastic. It locks the device completely. Display of B60 is nice and vibrant. The small snake like graphics is only going to be in smart mode, so it won’t be there in other modes if it is bothering you. Geekvape B60 has all the features you want; you have all the controls in your hand to fine tune the device. Build quality of the device is solid. The rubber bottom platform is a cool new addition. The device seems fast and you get instant power as you press the power button. Type-C charging is also a pro.

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Color Options of Geekvape B60

This device comes in 6 beautiful colors to choose from; Black, Silver, Golden Red, Mint Blue, Bottle Green, Red White, Blue Red and Rainbow.