Aspire Flexus Q Pod Kit Review

Flexus Q is a flat pen-like pod system introduced by Aspire. There are few defining features that really set this device apart. They have introduced their new AF mesh coils in this device. It has comparatively larger e-liquid capacity than most of the other devices of the same category. Powerful internal battery gives you long lasting vaping experience. It is very pocketable and feels solid in hand. If you are looking for a new pod system, this is it.

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What’s Inside the Box?

It comes in a nice compact packaging. Inside the packaging you get a user manual, Type-C charging cable, two coils and the device itself. The box has all the important information and specifications of the device.

Pod Specs – Capacity and Filling

The pod has 2ml e-liquid capacity. The pod of Aspire Flexus Q is a side fill pod. You have a rubber plug covering the filling port on the side of the pod. Filling is very easy and you can do that by pulling the rubber plug to expose the filling hole. Just insert the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle and fill. When the filling is done, push the rubber plug back in its place to fully close the opening. The pod goes in the device really easily and clips right into place. The mouthpiece of Flexus Q is flat and is designed nicely to fit in your lips.

New AF Mesh Coils – Priming

Both the coils of the device are their new AF mesh coils. One coil is 0.6 Ohm, 15 – 18W and the second coil is 1 Ohm rated for 12 – 15 watts. The coils are inserted at the base of the pod. Always keep in mind to prime the brand new coil before initial use. Priming is easy and can be done in the same way just as priming the coils of other vaping devices. Just drop a couple of drops of your favorite e-liquid right in the center of the coil so that the cotton in there is soaked and saturated perfectly. When priming is done then put the coil in its place in the pod properly. Pod fits nicely in the device by simply giving it a slight push.

Overall Build and General Features

Aspire Flexus Q does have a fire button on the front and a battery indicator light just below it. This light also indicates wattage adjustment with different colors. On the side of the device it has an airflow controller. You can adjust your airflow through this sliding controller. It looks pretty small but it does a great job. On the other side of the device it has a little carbon fiber sticker that says FLEXUS Q. The device has a Type-C charge port at the bottom. The device is made of Zinc alloy and the build quality is really nice.

Turning the Flexus Q on – Various Power Settings

To switch the device on and off you need to click the fire button 5 times. Press the fire button 5 times and the light will glow as the device is turned on. If you click the power button 3 times you are going to see the colors of light changing. There are 3 colors showing three different temperature/power-settings of the device. Red is the lowest strength, blue is the medium and then you will see green – that’s the full strength. So there are three power levels with this device. When you press and hold the fire button, you will see a light there which is your battery charge indicator, green basically means it is between 70 and 100% charged.

Size Comparison with Caliburn

For size comparison if you put it next to Caliburn, both the devices may look similar. Both the devices share almost the same design. Thickness is about the same. Flexus is a little heavier, most probably because it is made of Zinc alloy while the Caliburn is made of Aluminum.

Pros and Cons

Fill ports on pods are usually a con with most of the users. The rubber plugs don’t work well. It needs extra care otherwise it will break off and you can’t use the pod anymore. Designing the rubber plug and fill port needs further considerations for improvement. This issue is not only with Aspire but there are a lot of other companies using the same rubber plugs or stuff like that. It would have been better if they had made a top fill with membrane for easy filling. So filling method is a con of the device. Other than that the device works great and has a nice feel in hand. Some people prefer auto draw and they wish that they would be able to disable the fire button to make it strictly an auto draw device. It does have auto draw or fire button draw, that is definitely a pro. Airflow controller of Aspire Flexus Q is a nicely designed and it works great. Type-C charge port and 3 Amp charging is a big pro. Flexus Q is well built, the pod sits properly in its place and doesn’t move around. Mouthpiece is fine but some prefer them slim. It is a loose MTL vape but you have the airflow controller so you could dial it into where you want to vape it. You can even do a restrictive direct lung with this. A lot of people like to do that restrictive direct lung with high milligram nicotine in a pod system, they are going to love Flexus Q. Flavor is pretty good, it’s a nice pod system. Power adjustments is a pro.

Battery and Charging

Aspire Flexus Q comes with an integrated battery of 700 mAh. On the front of the box you can see straightaway that it supports quick charge. You can actually get this to 80% charged in just 10 minutes when used with a 3amp or 15W charging supply. One full charge can give you a whole day of moderate vaping or could last in 3 hours of non-stop vaping.

Various Color Options of Aspire Flexus Q

Flexus Q is available in nine beautiful colors including Black, Red, Gunmetal, Retro Silver, Retro Brass, Sierra Blue, Aquamarine Gradient, Turquoise Gradient and Fuchsia.